Are you planning to visit Vietnam quite soon? If yes, then you can’t miss out on touring the mesmerizing Sapa. Sapa is basically a mountainous township, located in the northwest of Vietnam.  Terrains of towering peaks, hamlets and rice farms on terraces compel tourists to visit Sapa time and again. You too can have several sprees of Tours in Sapa Vietnam to explore this mind-boggling part of Vietnam to the fullest. By the way, before indulge in a trip to Sapa, it’s better to know some of its places worth visiting. 

1. Mt. Fansipan 

Mt. Fansipan is considered as the highest peak of Sapa. Every year tons of tourists wish to reach its summit. But, as we say no pain no gain, you need to trek constantly for two days to do the same. Spiral of radiant white clouds and stretches of forests in this place will surely leave you lost for words. Prior to reaching the summit, you will come across a serene garden area as well. 

What else?

You will see beautiful Azalea trees, stupendous pagodas and an enormous 20 metre Buddha statue. And, a quintessential trip to Mt. Fansipan certainly remains incomplete without experiencing the overawing cable car rides. Each car can hold up to 35 passengers in total. It’s an outright heavenly feeling whilst the cable elevates from the lowlands to attain the summit of Mt. Fansipan. In short, you will fall for this particular area of Sapa after visiting it. 

2. Halong Bay 

It can‘t be possible that you have visited Sapa without exploring the Halong Bay. This place is a perfect combination of lip-smacking foods, pleasurable activities and most importantly enthralling landscapes. And, the mystic towering limestone karsts located here is a mystery in itself. Besides, Halong Bay is covered with terrains of thick jungles accompanied by around 1600 islets. 

What else?

At the centre of Halong Bay, you will find ample rocky formations comprised of afloat villages, enigmatic caves and bay’s islands. Therein, you can experience a few junk boat trips to perceive the mysticism, these places have to offer.  

3. The Sapa Glass Bridge

The Sapa Glass Bridge is located at O Quy Ho Pass, which is 17 kilometres away from the Sapa town centre. It is perhaps considered as the highest glass bridge across the whole of Indochina. And, the best time to visit this place is from October to December. But, its total size is not as enormous as you may presume. Hence, the total dimension of this place is only 60m long and 5m wide.  

Why Sapa Glass Bridge? 

Every year tourists visit Sapa simply to have a glimpse of its Glass Bridge. Since, the Glass Bridge is 60m away from the escarpment, you will get a 360 degree panoramic view of it. Also, it provides you a good deal of clarity while viewing it as this Glass Bridge is made up of three layers of high-quality glass with a density of 7cm in total. And, the best idea would be to indulge in a couple of cloud hunting session whilst beholding the breathtaking Sapa Glass Bridge. 

So, when you visit Sapa, never to forget to visit these places. 


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