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Bookmakers corner on Brokerstorm.net | Betting on bookmakers


The number of online bookmakers people can access in today’s world keeps growing because people want to know more about them. In fact, there are more than 1000 active bookies worldwide, many of whom have good services.


While it’s true that people are getting more interested in online bookmakers, some of them do not know much about their history. So, let’s learn a few important things.


When did it all start?

Even though some sources have different information, we believe that the first bookmakers became available in the early 1700s. Judging from the data we have, people were able to bet on different sports back then, including horse racing. With that said, it all changed once Harry Odgen revolutionized the business.

Today, a lot of gaming sites owe their success to this person because he changed everything. Speaking of iGaming sites, there are reviews of online bookmakers that help people find the best companies for their needs, and these articles are created by professionals. Interestingly, the brands studied the history of this business and ensured that they added all of the latest innovations.


Following Harry Odgen and the changes he introduced to this business, there were loads of different regulations around it. In fact, one of the first legal documents regarding betting dates from 1845 and it is called the 1845 Gamign Act. Several years later, the UK authorities changed this a bit, and then there was another change in 1960.


Online gambling - When Things Changed


A lot of countries offer brick-and-mortar betting shops even today, but this does not mean those places have as many fans as online betting operators. Some of the first gambling companies started offering online services in the late 90s. The early 2000s saw the addition of a few other big names, but it was not until 2010 that we saw a massive increase in the number of operators that offer iGaming options.


Today, there are thousands of betting operators, and most countries around the world have at least a few gambling laws that make sure people are secure while playing. Bookies and casinos have to follow these regulations if they want to get a permit, and they also have to adhere to the rules to keep that permit.


If we took a look at the iGaming business a few years ago, we could see that there was a huge search in popularity around 2014. This was when smartphones had already become available worldwide, which means more and more people have started using them. This increased the total number of people who use the internet for gambling, which meant more potential clients.


Naturally, many companies decided to open their doors and quickly became very popular. Some of them survived until today and have become household names, whereas others disappeared a few months/years after they started operating. 


The future of online bookmakers

The future of online bookmakers definitely looks interesting, and there are several reasons why this is the case. Starting with the most recent changes in the gambling legislation, more and more countries offer some kind of gambling services. There are several reasons for this, but the biggest one is taxes. Gambling companies are among the biggest taxpayers in every jurisdiction, so some countries are more than happy to allow these sites to offer their services.


AI is another important aspect that will have a role in the future of online gambling operators. Today, there are loads of different AI tools for betting out there, but this is an industry that will keep getting bigger. Therefore, we can expect to see different AI implementations in the betting industry.