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College life is all about learning time management and finding a balance between studies and other activities. Although it might seem difficult sometimes, some tools and apps can make your life much easier. Technology is a great advantage and the fact that almost every student has a smartphone now is the perfect option to be smarter about your studies.

Many things can help with getting good grades and staying in a great mental and physical state. For example, professional services like WritePaper.com can assist with any assignment. If you want to know about other excellent tools, keep reading.

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Google Drive

This might sound too obvious, but it is still an excellent way to keep all your study files and materials organized and in one place. Google Drive is a free tool that helps to keep everything on the cloud, whether it is a PDF or Word document. The best part is that it synchronizes with any device, so you can access all the materials easily from any place and at any time. One can organize everything neatly to make sure that they can find any notes or lecture materials pretty fast.

Scientific Calculator

This is an excellent tool for those who study Physics, Mathematics, or Chemistry. It has pretty advanced features and helps to solve complex numeric operations. It also has a memory feature for users’ convenience. One can solve many problems with it, starting from trigonometry and up to logarithmic operations. Overall, if you are into natural sciences, this one will help you out a lot.


This tool will be useful for any student because it is a fascinating proofreading app. It has both free and paid subscription versions, but the free one is quite enough for eliminating any errors in your writing. It can be downloaded as an app or installed as a browser addition or directly to Microsoft Word.

It highlights grammar and spelling errors, as well as detects the text’s clarity. Advanced features include style and readability, which might be useful for those who do a lot of high-quality writing. In any case, it is much faster than proofreading everything yourself. Grammarly finds any mistakes that a human might have missed.

My Study Life

It is an amazing organizational tool that will assist you in better time management. There is a custom calendar that helps to keep track of all the deadlines and things you need to do. One can set reminders to start working on something beforehand. Overall, it has a great interface and is easy to use. There is also an opportunity to create a to-do list for every day, which is a perfect way to be more productive.

If you struggle with remembering things and managing your time, this app is exactly what you need. And it is also synchronized among various devices for further convenience.


It is another powerful organizational app. It has both free and advanced features and works perfectly for students and professionals. With Evernote, you can take notes, set deadlines, plan out the project and the time it will take to finish. It brings project management to a new level. And it allows uploading study files and materials as well as sharing them with others (for example if you work on a group project). You can also edit these documents in the app.


This software is designed for students to smartly revise materials and get better with their studies. Its main focus is creating flashcards for easy revision. You can create a set of your own flashcards and access them at any time. For example, now, commuting or waiting in line can be used for educational purposes.

There is also a powerful database of previously created sets that one can access. There are millions of flashcards on various subjects, so you can learn something new every day. It allows setting reminders to revise and keep track of your progress.


If you need a huge library in your pocket, this one's for you. It is an app that gives access to millions of eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines. You can test it for free during a trial period and then decide whether to subscribe or not. But it has some great titles, whether you want to read for fun or education. The subscription costs $8.99 and allows listening or reading as much as you need. It is convenient and pretty functional.

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The main feature of this tool is to turn almost anything into a PDF file. You can take a picture of a text and convert, share, or save it right away. The PDF files that you create a searchable, which is a great plus. There are also other functions like managing documents and sentence translation.


This is not just an alarm app. It will make sure that you never miss a class or exam. It has some pretty loud noises to customize the alarm but it is not the most impressive thing. The best part is that you can set up various tasks for you to do to turn it off. This way, you will actually have to wake up. The activities include shaking the smartphone vigorously, taking a picture of a designated object, or solving a Math problem.


This tool will make taking notes a breeze. It can record the audio while you take notes, so it is an excellent app for capturing lectures. There is a great search mechanism, so you can find any part of the recording or a note by keyword. If you don’t want to miss any bit of important information – this solution will be a savior.

In Summary

These tools are designed to solve different problems and make our lives easier. You can be more organized and manage your time more effectively. They also help to work with documents, save them, proofread, and share. And they help to take notes better and to revise materials smartly.