Ridiculously talented youngster Ja Morant bagged a 47-point haul to help his Memphis Grizzlies to level their Conference Semi-Final against the Golden State Warriors. The 22-year-old was in absurd form to beat Steph Curry and his teammates at the FedExForum and will look to push the underdogs into the Conference Finals.

At the start of the season, the Golden State Warriors were very much among the favorites to take an NBA title, and you can see at sidelines.io that Memphis is still a big outsider in that particular race, but if Morant continues to make such an impact, then Taylor Jenkins’ side should not be underestimated.  

Morant is into his third season and is producing his best numbers, and in his first season of post-season action, he’s managing to up his game further, and Jenkins knows just how important the point guard has become. 

When asked about whether his latest display ranks highly in his time in the NBA thus far, his big scoring helping the Grizzlies to a 106-101 victory, Morant commented;

"Definitely up there," 

"I feel like this was kind of a must-win game for us, and for me, I was frustrated with myself for missing that layup in Game 1."

This series is already being dubbed the battle of Morant and Curry, with the experienced Golden State star saying before the game;

“We're going to have some fun,"

Morant responded on the court and after the action in a positive fashion;

"I was able to return that message tonight, saying the same thing," 

"I always say this is my favorite matchup, playing against a guy like him, a great talent. 'It's going to be a battle.”

Morant’s 47 point game was all the more impressive when you consider he left the game at the end of the third quarter in a great deal of pain;

"I still can't [see]," Morant stated, having been hit during the action.

"I can see in the middle. I can't see on the outside. I got punched trying to get the rebound."

"I got another good eye over here -- 20-20 vision right here. Thank God for my right eye." Morant added.

The first two games of the series took place in Memphis, and with the next two taking place in California, you feel that Curry is sure to respond in a big way, and that’s why the Golden State Warriors are still the big favorites. 

Though it’s true that Morant is very much a pretender to Curry’s throne, he has already proven he is capable of making an impact even this early into his NBA career.

Golden State will be without Gary Payton for the rest of the series after he suffered a serious injury which is likely to rule the 29-year-old for quite some time. Payton suffered a fractured elbow after being fouled by Dillon Brooks.

Steve Kerr provided an update on the situation after the game;

“He’s got a huge brace on his arm. He’s going to be out for a long time, and he’s crushed…In the spotlight, playing in the playoffs, playing a huge role, and playing well. That’s all been taken away from him. We all feel terrible for Gary.”