Backlinks continue playing an important role in site ranking. If a reputable platform posts a link to your site on one of its pages, your online resource is popular with the audience and can claim high positions in the search results. 

Based on this simple principle and search ranking logic, you can easily promote your online project with a well-thought-out link-building strategy. However, there are some nuances to keep in mind. 

Search engines are constantly changing the algorithms for evaluating and ranking resources, so the link builder often has to change the source of the links and think twice on how to use them. This is a difficult job, which requires not only knowledge but also a deep understanding of the work of search engines, as well as a creative approach. However, getting an experienced specialist or a dedicated Linklifting company will raise your lead base very fast.

Where to Get Links for SEO Promotion?

On the Internet, there are many high-quality resources where you can place links without the risk of being sanctioned. It is only important to do it right. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • The first and main platform to be used for this purpose is social networks. All of them are recognized by search engines. Links posted on thematic communities in social networks are a good way to promote a site.
  • A blog with entertaining and useful texts, which provides the opportunity to share your favorite material on social networks or any other communication channels.
  • An interesting interview with an expert or just a KOL.
  • Thematic communities and forums. Some experts do not recommend following this approach, but there are many sites where you can put a link in a natural way (without causing suspicion from search engines).
  • Make a video for the site that users will share with each other. The material in it should be either useful or funny. You can even run your YouTube channel for this purpose.
  • A good source of backlinks is training videos and text materials, including those that can be downloaded for free from your site.

Obviously, there are many options for obtaining links, but far from everyone can use them effectively. A good link building specialist constantly monitors the Internet in search of new sites, keeps an eye on changes in ranking algorithms, and adjusts the strategy. Only this way of doing business allows you to count on the desired result.

Pros of Link Building for SEO Promotion

The best thing about link building is that it brings a long-term result. Thanks to a high-quality link profile, the site not only attracts targeted visitors and raises its positions in the search results, but it also holds an occupied place for a long time. On top of that, it doesn’t cost a lot. If you do not engage in bulk link purchase, which brings only harm, then all expenses will be reduced to paying for the services of an SEO specialist and a copywriter producing high-quality content.

Is It the Right Way to Go? 

Are you looking for a low-budget way of running SEO-promotion to bring an effective, stable, and long-lasting result? Then you know what actions you need to take in order to make it happen.

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