If you think BTC miners have been leading the show, think again. This is true, especially when we compare it with the next popular digital coin called Ethereum. As per the recent reports, mining this digital currency seemed to have proved the best option and profitable deal when we compared it to the miners of bitcoin. One can find it to be among the second-largest digital currencies that seemed to have gained more than 4K USD in the recent past. Now, if you look at how things have happened, the data released in the recent past have claimed that the miners of Etherum are able to record around 77.36 M USD when we check the day to day revenue, while the same thing for the BTC miners seemed to have gained lesser revenue reaching to $67.17 million. The data that is to be measured as per the average charge in the recent past days seemed to have indicated that the miners of the ETH are earning in a decent way when compared to the BTC miners. 

Now, the big question, how and why it matters a lot. Well, there are high revenues to gain when it comes to the mining of ETH. All these are seen getting caused due to the high record transaction costs that are seen coming up with the network that seemed to have gone up with the transaction money when we speak in terms of the digital currency in itself. Well, as far as the month of April is concerned, one can find things to remain steady in this month as the fees represent more than 40 percent of the miner's revenue of the ETC, but this is certainly not going to change when we implement the EIP in July. As per the recent reports, we have seen in the month of April to come along with the transaction fees that are seen coming up with the representation of 40 percent of the miner's revenue for the ETH. However, this is certainly going to change once the EIP comes into effect in the coming July, 

Now, talking about the EIP, one can find some key changes taking place in the fee module of the network if we speak about the transaction amounts for the different users. The change can be mostly seen in the base fee, while it can be burned easily with the help of miners coming along with the inclusion cost that can come along slashing down the revenue you generate through mining the digital coin ETH. We have seen the recent phenomenon of how ETH seemed to have grown all these months, and the trading is seen with the cost of 4125 USD, which is seen going down at the all-time high speed of 4360 USD as of now. Even if you find the assets on the web landscapes coming with high returns up to 100 percent, in the earlier months, it has even gone to a huge extent of 450 percent, which is certainly a strong point for the miners. The experts feel that there is much more stuff to reap in the coming days. To know which governments are legally backing bitcoins Read this article

As per several experts and analysts from companies like FundStart, the price of ETH seems to have gone at a higher pace, and the day will come when we will see it reaching 10K USD as well. Thus, once you compare the cost of bitcoin with ETH, at the moment, there seems to be a slow pace in its growth as it remains on the lower side at the moment, while on the other side, digital coins like ETH are seen going great guns in the market. After BTC, ETH seems to be the second-largest and popular digital currency in the market. The fact of the matter is with the sudden rise in the price of ETH, in terms of popularity, ETH has gained an edge over BTC. Experts now bat for ETH and its miners also gaining good revenue gives the investors to think about the same as an investment option in the digital currency market. The digital coins tracking companies like Coinmarketcap also speak a lot about the growth of ETH at the moment.