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Arthritis is a very common health issue in dogs. Especially among elderly and large breed dogs. Arthritis can seriously affect the quality of life of your dog. Hence it is necessary to detect the symptoms in your dog at an early stage and find out the best treatment. To understand if your dog is having the joint disease at the root of the problem, you should keep a keen eye on whether your dog is having trouble jumping and walking down the stairs. Or if he is trembling during a walk or unable to walk. If you notice these health symptoms in your dog you must understand that he needs immediate care. You may visit Health Canal to know more about the signs, symptoms, and CBD treatment for arthritis in dogs.

What is the cause of arthritis in dogs?

Just like humans, dogs too have cartilage at the end of their joint bones. This cartilage helps to cushion the bones while they move around. But with age, the cartilage tends to weaken and erode. Thus, leading to joint pain or inflammation. Besides, there are other factors too that can cause arthritis. Some of it is discussed below.

  • An early fracture in joint
  • Developmental issues causing improper development of the joint like, elbow dysplasia, luxating patella, or hip dysplasia.
  • Cranial cruciate ligament rupture causing the weakening of the joint
  • Obesity- extra body weight creates pressure on the joints. Leading to the damage of the cartilage.

Early signs and symptoms of arthritis in dogs

The symptoms of arthritis grow very slowly hence sometimes go unnoticed. But with time the symptoms tend to get worse. As a dog owner, you can probably miss the early stages of the disease when your furry friend is experiencing just a minimum amount of discomfort. But as the disease progresses the pain tends to increase more and the disorder becomes more evident. Some of the early signs of arthritis in dogs include:

  • Difficulty getting up from a sitting or a lying position
  • Trembling of body or tenderness while walking 
  • Difficulty in jumping up the couches or climbing the stairs.
  • Less, or no interest in different physical activities or even going for a walk
  • Increased irritability is a behavioral change that occurs due to the underlying pain
  • Lying down or sleeping for a longer time and more frequently

Although you may sometimes think that these signs are a part of aging. But to prevent a serious condition in the future you mustn’t ignore the primary signs. Identifying the problem at its root can help you get the right treatment for your dog at an early stage and thus prevent future health complications.

How CBD can help reduce arthritis pain in your dog

It is important to understand that as of yet the FDA has not approved a veterinary drug to treat arthritis in a dog that is based on either CBD or hemp-based compounds.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that no research has been made that supports the use of CBD on dogs for arthritis. Instead, many studies show the effectiveness of cannabidiol for reducing pain and inflammation in dogs. A study made on dogs shows that 2mg of CBD administered on a dog twice daily can help improve the mobility in dogs affected with osteoarthritis.

A few studies have shown the anti-inflammatory function of CBD oil on dogs with canine arthritis. Besides, CBD can also reduce the pain associated with canine arthritis along with improving your dog’s sleep without having any sort of negative effects on your dog.

How does CBD work

As you may already know, CBD or cannabinoids are a biochemical substance found in the cannabis Sativa plant. A dog’s body receives the substance in its nervous and immune system which is called the endocannabinoid system. When the CBD cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system, it regulates and possesses health and wellness in your dog. The process is more effective on dogs due to the highly effective endocannabinoid systems in dogs. 

In simple terms, when the immune system of your dog gets attacked by canine arthritis, it causes inflammation and pain. CBD is given to the dog causing the endocannabinoid system receptors to receive the cannabinoids. As a result, the nervous and immune system of your dog gets enhanced. Your dog gets relief from pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Long-term use of CBD can prevent the decline of your dog’s body due to arthritis. Besides, there are no side effects of long-term CBD usage.

How to dose CBD for canine arthritis

Before giving CBD to your dogs, you must purchase the best quality CBD product. As there are so many CBD products available in the market, you must get the best quality product for gaining maximum health benefit. After you get the right CBD product, start with the lowest dose. Then increase the CBD dose gradually depending upon the condition of your dog. But sometimes, the CBD dose you are administering to your dog may be more than the required amount. If you notice excessive excitement, sedation, or disorientation in your dog, then you must know that the dose is too high. Stop the CBD dose and start to rework.

The bottom line

Noticing and understanding the signs and symptoms of arthritis in your dog is the first step towards its cure. But after that, the next step is getting the best remedy for it. Although, there are other treatments available to cure arthritis in dogs. Like weight management, environmental support, natural supplements, or surgical options. But CBD is the most effective treatment lacking any side effects on your dog’s health.