The cannabis edibles market is rapidly growing. Cannabutter, however, remains a highly regarded and consistent ingredient. Today, you do not need to place a towel under the frame of your door or light a scented candle to stop the strong smell of cannabutter production. Marijuana and its use are legal in many states. If you have a medical marijuana card in Ohio, for example, you can legally purchase and use cannabis in any form.

The popularity of cannabis recipes is rising, thanks to cannabutter. This is cannabis-infused butter or product used to add flavor to cannabis edibles. Essentially, you can use it to bake, but it can also get you baked. Having a good cannabutter recipe is the secret to making great magic/special brownies. People who use it will tell you that cannabutter is relatively easy to make. However, there are only so many times you can eat stoner-friendly brownies before you get sick of chocolate.

Making Cannabutter

Following the legalization of marijuana in many states, many people started looking for ways to cook with the stuff. The secret ingredient to any cannabis edible is the butter. The process of making cannabutter, also called cannabis butter, requires careful attention and low heat. Otherwise, you will find yourself with butter that tastes like marijuana but without any THC. Before making cannabutter, you need to do adequate research.

How to Use Cannabutter in Different Recipes

Fortunately, you can use cannabutter in a wide range of recipes. You can use it for a magical breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Suppose you have a medical marijuana card in Ohio; you can purchase cannabutter and use it to make some amazing “cannaburgers.” at home.

In addition to being easy to make, when they are ready to serve, these burgers smell wonderful. They also have a spicy, savory kick to them.

  • Marijuana/Ganja Nachos

During munchies season, instead of walking to a Taco Bell and gorging yourself on several platters of nachos, use some cannabutter to prepare some amazing ganja nachos. This will kick your meal a few notches higher.

  • Cannabis Pasta

Pasta is another dish that cannabis users love. It makes perfect sense because it is creamy and gives you a good, soothing feeling once you finish eating. It is also an effective cure for the munchies. A good cannabis pasta recipe will give you a pesto-like, buttery taste. You will also get to enjoy the munchies in a more adult and classier way. You simply need to mix the cannabutter into the cooked dish.

  • Pot Pie

Few things would sound better for a medical or recreational marijuana user than a chicken pot pie. It is creamy, thick, comforting, and has that amazing flavor of chicken soup. Given how buttery this pie is, it is plain to see how a little cannabutter can help spice it up.

  • Pot Pancakes

You can use weed butter to liven up your pancakes within minutes. Simply dip your favorite pancakes in cannabutter and enjoy your breakfast of champions. That said, do not expect to win any marathon afterwards. However, you will certainly have an interesting morning.

  • Pot Popcorn

If you are in the mood for watching a movie without having to cook a complicated meal, simply prepare some popcorn and season it with cannabutter.

If you hold a medical marijuana card in Ohio, you should consider your options when it comes to using medical marijuana. Marijuana edibles are the next big thing in the marijuana industry. This is why sales of marijuana-infused drinks and food continue to rise.