Sports betting requires profound analysis, a deep understanding of sports play tactics, and time-consuming research. Sometimes, an unexpected occurrence makes fans gasp and yell because of a twist that makes their bet slips useless. Sticking to favorites all the time, in turn, will rarely make you super rich, given that thousands bet on them.

Many great sportsbooks like N1Bet offer various sports betting boosts. Those bonuses can help bettors get more money for 90% risk-free bets. So, here is the list of the best sportsbook bonuses you can claim to ensure you get extra rewards for your research and predictions!

1. Zero-Margin Sports Bets

Zero-margin sports betting is when you can bet on a game without paying any extra money. No fees and commissions are biting your cash! So, bettors can get 100% of their winnings. Here are online casino reviews that mention sportsbooks with zero-margin sports bets.

Yet, note that this constant promo might not work for all events. For instance, a website will let you have 100% of your winnings during FIFA or Super Bowl, but many other events will still have fees for bets. So, ensure you have read the T&Cs to see which events guarantee fee-free bets and which do not.

2. Free Bets

Free bets are the real deal for sports bettors! Usually, sportsbooks will offer a free bet if you sign up or when you make your first deposit. Such a bonus can vary from 20 to even 500 Dollars/Euros. Still, do not expect to get more than two free bet offers. Moreover, there are T&Cs attached to free money (and free stuff overall). So, use that promo only when you are 100% sure it will not cause additional challenges.

3. Money Back

Money-back bonuses are what they sound like — you get back some of the money you have bet! Usually, sportsbooks will offer a money-back bonus if you make a bet and lose. It is not the most profitable bonus out there, but it still works pretty well for those who cannot let go of their losing bets.

4. Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are also called reload bonuses (if they are regular). It means that when you make a deposit, the amount of money you put in is larger than before. Usually, sportsbooks will double your funds or even triple them! If you deposit 100 Dollars/Euros, you might get 200-300 instead.

Fiat deposit bonuses

Fiat deposit boosts tend to be small. As a rule, a legit and decent sportsbook gives you a 50-100% bonus to the amount you want to add to the account. 

First-time deposits can be doubled and tripled, but those are one/two-time events, while all other promos will not help you much. Also, remember about wagering requirements and other demands you must meet before you become eligible to withdraw what you have earned.

Crypto deposit bonuses

Cryptocurrency-centered deposit bonuses are several times better. Moreover, sportsbooks adapting to the new economy always have better boosts for crypto depositors. So, you can expect more significant deposit bonuses. In contrast to fiat ones, crypto perks give you 75-360% for the first time. Regular crypto reloads usually give you 75-150%.

Here are the best crypto sportsbooks that have enhanced bonuses. 

5. Bet-Win Multipliers

Bet-win multipliers are the most exciting bonuses sportsbooks can offer. That is a one-time event where you double or even triple your winnings. For example, if you make a bet and win 10 dollars/euros, the bookie will give you 20-30 instead!

Remember that such offers are rare, and bet-win multipliers can be used only during major sports events like World Cup or Super Bowl.

In the end, always read the T&Cs of each bonus you want to get. Usually, there are wagering requirements (x10) attached to them before you become eligible to withdraw the money.

Final Words

Good luck finding the best sportsbook bonuses and happy betting! Remember that bonuses are nice, but they are not free lunches! You must work to get them. We hope your next bet makes you rich!