Technology has progressed dramatically in the past couple of decades and has changed every industry in its wake. The health industry is no exception, and the huge impact technology has left on it cannot go unnoticed. From 3D printing to robotic surgeries, the sector has become quite advanced and is saving more lives than ever. Technology has also introduced us to so many innovative gadgets that are pushing people towards a healthier lifestyle. Unlike other technological developments in the industry, these gadgets are widely available and are easily accessible by the general public. In fact, some people have made these gadgets a vital part of their lifestyle so they can stay fit all the time. 

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In this article, I have mentioned some of the most amazing health gadgets that can change your life and will keep you active all the time. Let’s have a look:

Personal ECG/EKG Monitor  

You don’t have to go to the hospital every time you have to check the status of your heart. With the help of the Kardia AliveCor ECG monitor, you can measure your heart's health through an electrocardiogram test. AliveCor ECG is a sensor strip that you can connect directly with your phone with the help of an app. To get a reading, place the gadget near your phone and place your index and middle finger of both hands on the strip. The application will start reading your heartbeat and will show your ECG results within 30 seconds. You can take multiple readings and can save your reports in the app for later. You can also print these reports and can show it to your doctor on your next visit.

NeckRelax – Get Rid of Neck Pain

Around 30% of adults in the US experience some sort of neck pain, and half those people the pain is chronic and they experience it on multiple occasions. Neck pain can be very annoying as not only it makes you uncomfortable physically, but it affects your overall productivity as well. If you are trying to fight neck pain with meds and it isn’t working out for you, then we have got the perfect gadget for you. With the help of Neckrelax, you can get rid of this nuisance easily. You can wear Neckrelax around your neck, and it will help you soothe the pain with the help of light vibrations. The device uses infrared technology to create those vibrations, and they are so minimal that you might not even notice it. It works so well that you will be able to feel the soothing effect within ten minutes.

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Water is an essential component of our lives, and we cannot get through our day without drinking plenty of water. If the water you are drinking is not clean, it can affect your health badly. That is why it is important for us only to drink clean and purified water. However, a lot of us have to stay outdoors for a good part of our day, and it can be hard to find clean water all the time. That is where you can use the LARQ self-cleaning water bottle. This amazing water bottle helps you clean your water with UV-C technology in sixty seconds and cleanses your bottle automatically after every couple of hours. So, if you want to stay healthy by drinking clean water, this bottle is an excellent investment.

Gluten Tester - Eat Healthy

Nima gluten tester is another portable gadget that you can carry around anywhere. Gluten is not good for our body, and the more we eat it, the more it weakens our health. That’s why you should remove it from your diet completely and replace it with something healthier. However, you cannot always tell whether the food you are eating is gluten-free or not. This happens especially when you are eating out in a diner or a restaurant. Nima gluten tester can come quite handy in these situations. It allows you to test gluten in the food instantly with the help of one-time usable capsules. This is a must-have gadget for people who are allergic to gluten and want to avoid it at any cost.

Fitness Band 

Perhaps the most popular health gadget of them all is fitness bands. They are in high demand, and the majority of the tech giants have already introduced their own range of fitness bands. These bands are available in different price ranges and have several benefits. If you want visible results from your workout routine, then a fitness band can help you track your progress. They can also tell you whether you have been working out enough or not and how many calories you are burning every day. Apart from that, fitness bands can also help you keep track of your diet, and you can align it with your workout routine to get better results. It is also a great motivator and will help you achieve your health goals by keeping you on the right track.