It’s a common notion that giving and receiving gifts can cause people to feel various emotions of happiness, warmth, gratitude, and admiration. The practice of gift-giving is ingrained in most traditions and cultures as well as relationships to strengthen the connection between people. Also, it does provide a wide range of symbolism. For instance, a gift could mean saying congratulations, thank you, or sorry. The power gifts have on people is immeasurable since they can affect the people you give in many different ways. Gifts could be their memories of the past, a reminder of how they’ve progressed, or preparation for the next chapter of their lives.

Personalized signs

Looking for a casual gift to give anyone? Go for house decorations since they can be personalized to match the interests or personality of the person you aim to give. If the receiver is fond of a cartoon character or superhero, you can request a fabricated metal silhouette of their favorite character. 

House warming

What’s a better way to celebrate the new house if not by giving gifts that can add beauty to the home? House warming-related gifts would surely be appreciated by the ones receiving. You can have a personalized metal sculpture of a spoon that is suitable for the kitchen area or a hanging metal ornament as a wall decoration. Inspirational quotes or sayings could be a good design for metal signs since it could also brighten their day.


Do you have a friend or acquaintance that is finally tying the knot with their special someone and has formally invited you to their marriage? This calls for a congratulatory gift of the romance that has blossomed between the couple by sending them a heart-shaped metal sign with their names in it. This is also recommended for those who are celebrating their wedding anniversaries, in which you can add some details such as the years they’ve been married.

Graduation or licensure 

Congratulating someone who has finished their academic journey or earned their license in their respective professions by offering a diploma-shaped metal piece or a frame with their graduation picture on it. Another suggestion could be metal pieces shaped according to their profession. If your friend is now a licensed physician, a handcrafted sculpture of a stethoscope would be nice. This is the best kind of remembrance of their victory that can look back years from now. 

Launching or inauguration

As a way to congratulate a friend on their newly-established business, especially when you’ve personally witnessed their hardships before reaching this stage in their careers. Celebrate their success by gifting them a metal piece that is related to their industry. If your friend is a chef or a baker, you can have baking supplies or silverware engraved with their business name. 

Holiday-related signs

Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other holidays out there… there’s nothing easier to give than those items that are affiliated with the widely celebrated events embedded in your tradition. You can find these types of ready-made metal craft in stores but for a more unique design, have them manufactured by a professional metalwork artist.


Do you want to recognize someone for their selfless service and dedication to a cause or purpose they’ve pledged to follow? Simply give them a gift that could remind them of the things or memories worth remembering. This could help them be reminded of their contributions especially when they feel like their efforts aren’t enough. 


Ah, the main event where gifts are already mandatory. The superior celebration out of every celebration out there. It’s like the standard protocol to give gifts to the celebrant. Think of the items the celebrant does not possess yet. This could give you a better idea of what to give them. Fabricated metal signs or craftworks are the best presents because it showcases you’ve invested your time, money and effort into giving them a personalized item.

Baby Shower or Christening

Your pregnant friend is nearing her scheduled birth or child christening and you have no idea what to give her? Simply gift them with baby-related metal signs as a way to congratulate them on their journey of becoming new parents. 

Valentine’s Day

Tired of the usual chocolates and flowers? Why not give a present with a quality that lasts forever just like the love you have for your special someone? You can have your couple picture framed and engraved with your initials or a locket necklace where you can keep the smallest items precious to both of you. You can wear this around your neck and carry it at all times.

Homecoming or send-off 

Do you have someone you’ve anticipating returning to? A friend who was abroad for a long time or a soldier coming home? Celebrate their return by showing them how you’ve missed them through custom-made metal signs with engraved words saying, “Welcome Home.” If you prefer to give them a personal one, you can have your letter framed with metal so that they can read it anytime.

For a friend that is going to leave permanently or temporarily, you can opt for a fabricated metal brooch or pin that is shaped with a symbol significant to you and your friend. 

Mother’s or Father’s Day

You can showcase how you are thankful for your mom or your dad by gifting them a personalized metal sign that is engraved with their initials or nickname. You can also opt for a custom sign with a frame so that you can place their picture to remind them of your gratitude for their efforts as parents. 

Wrapping up

Have an idea of what to give as a present for your loved ones? Go visit https://shieldcoart.com/custom-metal-signs and have your metal sign created!