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Our environment is not just a backdrop to human activity; it's the lifeline of our very existence, intertwined with our history, culture, and future. At Summit Carbon Solutions, we recognize this fundamental truth, and our dedication towards minimizing our environmental footprint is matched only by our commitment to honor and respect the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Native American Tribes and Nations.

Every year, our society generates millions of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), and Summit Carbon Solutions is excited to  be at the forefront of a global effort to decarbonize industrial processes by planning to capture, transport, and sequester 18 million tons of CO2 annually. This initiative underscores our firm belief in proactive environmental stewardship. Our efforts equate to taking nearly four million cars off the road annually.

From the very inception of our carbon capture and storage project, we have endeavored to ensure that our actions respect and resonate with the deep-seated cultural values of the Native American Tribes and Nations. We understand that every inch of the land has stories, traditions, and memories ingrained in it. As such, the very route of our project has been meticulously planned, taking into account the sacred tribal lands.

To ensure transparency and mutual respect, we have embarked on our own Tribal outreach efforts. This will pave the way for open dialogue for government-to-government consultation between the United States Federal government and the Native American Tribes and Nations. We firmly believe that every voice counts, and our commitment to providing detailed information regarding the project stands testament to this.

In our journey thus far, we have engaged with 62 different Native American Tribes and Nations. Each conversation has been meaningful, helping us further refine our approach and ensure that our project remains sensitive to the rich tapestry of tribal culture and heritage. 36 Tribal Cultural Specialists from nine Tribes have supported our effort to perform cultural survey on 100% of the Project route which underpins our intent to establish and maintain a collaborative relationship. To date, all areas identified by Tribes have been avoided in Project design. And it doesn't stop there; these monitors will continue to be our partners as the project moves forward.

At Summit Carbon Solutions, we stand at the intersection of progress and preservation. As we march forward in our mission to make a tangible environmental difference, we do so with the deepest respect for the cultural and spiritual significance of the lands we touch. Together, with the Native American Tribes and Nations, we aspire to build a future that is both sustainable and respectful of our shared past.


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