Before even trying products found at Meskwaki OrganiX, you may experience a sense of inner peace as  you step inside the door. Owned by the Meskwaki Tribe, the new CBD dispensary conveniently located  on the Meskwaki Settlement in Iowa, is a bright and inviting space built for a singular purpose, to enhance the spiritual and physical well-being of the community. They understand what many Native  American tribes have known for centuries, organic remedies created from nature can help a body find  its natural center. 

The Meskwaki people, a tribe of Algonquian origin from the Eastern Woodland Culture areas, were  historically located in the St. Lawrence River Valley, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Like so many  others, they were continually forced to make land concessions. By 1856, they formally lost all lands and  were removed to a reservation in Kansas. 

After banishment, the Meskwaki longed to reclaim their Iowa woodland homeland. In fact, many never  left. By making friends and trading with nearby settlers, the tribe generated enough income to purchase  back their own land. Today, their ancestors’ vision for sovereignty, heightened by their entrepreneurial  spirit, lives on in the same location they were once forced to leave.  

Always adapting, the Meskwaki work hard to determine the needs within their community. As business  owners, farmers, and community leaders, the tribe has successfully launched a number of  entrepreneurial efforts. Ever looking into new opportunities, they began to research natural remedies  and came upon the powerful healing nature of hemp. 

Through research, they found that organically-grown, high-quality hemp plants were a powerful game  changer in the lives of people looking for pain relief, mental clarity, and sustained energy. But, they determined without proper education about hemp and the cannabidiol within called CBD, its benefits  might never be fully understood. They determined to change that by opening Meskwaki OrganiX. 

Manager Darrell Hill explained, “We know that hemp is derived from the cannabis plant and the word in  itself can be a bit taboo, so our goal is to educate every person who walks through our door. When people stop in, they’re nervous and sometimes misinformed. But backed with the knowledge of what  this powerful plant can do, we are educating and stripping away these misconceptions. With zero  psychotropic effects, CBD is for anyone seeking its benefits.” (1 )  

2Meskwaki Organix

He continued, “Meskwaki OrganiX isn’t just another CBD company. Instead, we seek to raise its standards of quality and keep it affordable to all. For centuries, Native Americans have used products  created from nature to heal. We seek to offer similar products to anyone looking for stress relief, focus, joint health, immunity support, muscle recovery, and sleep through extracts, gummies, creams, and so  much more.” 

With the Meskwaki Settlement located within an hour’s drive of six major Iowa cities and products  available nationwide on their website, the staff strives to be accessible to all. They seek to be involved  in every aspect of product creation, from farm to consumer.  

Product Specialist Vincent Lasley explained, “We know that CBD isn’t just hype because there is science  backing it up. It’s my job to ensure we provide only high-end organic products, so each hemp product is 

tested by a third-party for purity. It doesn’t contain binders, fillers, dyes or unknown substances. We  have the data to prove it.”(2 )  

He expanded, “From fitness gurus to senior citizens, people are finding hemp to be a powerful support  to their wellness habits. I’m really proud of the services we provide. We’re helping our friends, our  family, our neighbors, and even our pets. We also offer a complete line of THC free products, too.”  

To purchase product, find out more about Meskwaki OrganiX, or learn about the wholesale  opportunities available in your area, visit their website at www.meskwakiorganix.com or stop in on your  next trip through Iowa. The store is located inside the Meskwaki Travel Plaza, 1494 Highway 30, near  Tama, Iowa.  

(1) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5938896/ (2) https://www.meskwakiorganix.com/about  

*Statements in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease. Information contained  within is not a substitute for consultation with your physician and should not be treated as medical advice.

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