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Clearinghouse Community Development Financial Institution (Clearinghouse CDFI) is a full-service, direct lender addressing unmet credit needs throughout the U.S. & Indian Country. For 25 years, we’ve financed projects that create jobs & services to help people work, live, dream, grow, & thrive in healthy communities. 

Our Loans Serving Indian Country

Providing financial services for Tribal Nations is a high priority for Clearinghouse CDFI. In 2020, CCDFI served over 30,000 Native American / Native Alaskan clients and provided $55,000 in charitable contributions to Native American businesses, organizations, and programs. The projects we finance focus on revenue generation to help Tribal communities build self-sustainable systems such as healthcare, education, infrastructure, and other social services. 

These projects include:

Pinoleville Pomo Nation - Ukiah, CA

Pinoleville Pomo Nation

  • Clearinghouse CDFI provided: $2.24 Million Loan
  • Purpose: Allowed Pinoleville Pomo Nation to obtain land which was part of the Tribe’s original Rancheria
  • Impact: Supports Tribal enterprises for 280 Native members of Pinoleville Pomo Nation

Kalispel Reservation - Cusick, WA

Kalispel Tribe

  • Clearinghouse CDFI provided: $9 Million of New Markets Tax Credit Allocation
  • Purpose: Development of new healthy foods facility on Tribal land
  • Impact: Created 35 construction jobs and 20 full-time jobs in this low-income community

 Native American Natural Foods (NANF) - Kyle, SD

Native American Natural Foods

  • Clearinghouse CDFI provided: $500,000 in loans and a $250,000 grant 
  • Purpose: Allowed NANF to secure supply chain, satisfy increased product orders, and expand into new markets 
  • Impact: Supports Tribal small business and provides healthy food options for Tribal Community

Washoe Travel Plaza - Gardnerville, NV

Washoe Travel Center

  • Clearinghouse CDFI provided: key financial resources to the project, including $10 million of Federal NMTC allocation, $2 million of Nevada State NMTC allocation, and a $5.6 million loan 
  • Purpose: Development of Washoe Travel Plaza on Native American reservation land
  • Impact: 125 living-wage jobs on Native American reservation land

NTUA Wastewater Treatment Facility - Apache County, AZ

NTUA Wastewater Treastment Facility 1

  • Clearinghouse CDFI provided: $12.8 million of New Markets Tax Credit Allocation
  • Purpose: Construction of a safe and efficient wastewater treatment facility
  • Impact: Created an affordable and sustainable plumbing solution for low-income families in Navajo Nation

Pueblo of Laguna - Laguna, NM

Pueblo of Laguna

  • Clearinghouse CDFI provided: $14 Million of New Markets Tax Credit Allocation
  • Purpose: Development of water related infrastructure, including sewage, filtration, & piping on Pueblo of Laguna reservation land
  • Impact: Greatly improved health and safety conditions across all six reservation villages & created 40+ construction jobs & 3 permanent, full-time jobs; all paying above living wage

San Carlos Apache Tribe - San Carlos, AZ

  • Clearinghouse CDFI Provided: $5.5 Million of New Markets Tax Credit Allocation 
  • Purpose: Construction of three youth-oriented community facilities
  • Impact: Community center serves over 9,000 low-income Tribal members and provides 15,500 hours of educational, recreational, healthcare, and safety services annually; Swimming pool complex provides 4,000 minors with a fundamental source of exercise

Oneida Indian Nation - Verona, NY

Oneida Indian Nation

  • Clearinghouse CDFI Provided: $13.6 Million Loan
  • Purpose: Construction of hotel Supporting local Tribal enterprises
  • Impact: Boosts revenues for local Tribal enterprises on the reservation & creates several permanent jobs for Tribal members

Clearinghouse CDFI is Here to Help

At Clearinghouse CDFI, we believe that creditworthy borrowers whose projects create assets in their communities deserve to be considered for financing. We work one-on-one with each of our borrowers to answer their questions and simplify the application process. 

Have questions or want to get qualified for a loan? We’re here to help! Please contact us directly at 800-445-2142 or email us at [email protected]

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