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The Cannabis market has a lot going on, from tinctures to gummies, capsules, and even the regular joint that most users prefer to edibles. They all deliver the desired effects, but if you want to take your experience to a new level, you may want to try CBD flower. 

Thanks to greater bioavailability, CBD flower will deliver the effects you expect much faster than any other product known to the market, and this alone makes it a favorite among users. Just like any other product from cannabis, there is still a lot to learn about the flower, its uses, and its effects. 

This article demystifies this product and explains why and how it differs from weed. 

What is CBD Flower? 

What makes up a CBD flower? Buds. Plants high in CBD and low in THC are grown to be harvested for the buds that make up this product. The law provides for any legally sold CBD product to have less than 0.3% THC, so these plants are grown with that in mind. Most Sativa strains for weed flowers are engineered to comply with this legal demand. Thanks to their CBD level – sometimes as high as 25% - the flower is known as the cleanest and most calming product on the market. 

How Can You Tell It Apart From Regular Weed? 

One can easily confuse weed with CBD flower since they are both from the same plant – Cannabis Sativa – and they even smell the same, thanks to the terpenes present. Their most significant difference is in their composition, which you will note from using them. Flowers contain more CBD than THC at less than 0.03%, while marijuana could go as high as 30% in THC, depending on the strain. The effects will be different, with regular weed invigorating you more and making you sociable while the flower mellows you down. 

As far as the physical plants are concerned, the flower is derived from Sativa plants that breeders have manipulated to produce enough CBD for all the desired benefits. As a result, the leaves are narrow and less busy, and the plant grows long before maturity.

Did you know there are different flower aromas? 

The terpenes in the buds form the aroma profile that every plant carries predominantly. Some of the best-known terpenes include 

Caryophyllene: Woody or something like cloves and is the most popular in strains. It is spicy and will fill the throat with a surprising peppermint-like sensation. 

Myrcene: It has what most users call a “dank” smell that you will also find in mangoes. When you get used to it, it actually smells quite good. 

Limonene: This fruity aroma reminds you of orange peels or other citrus fruits. Don’t let the aroma fool you: this terpene tastes less than citrus fruits and more like something sweet. 

Pinene: It is piney, like you would find in pine trees. While you would expect it to taste piney, it is earthy. 

Humulene: This terpene has a woody aroma that most cannabis users find pleasant. 

Linalool: Think lavender when you inhale this terpene. It is flowery and pleasant, like it could be used in perfumes. 

Terpinolene: Most users consider this the “mystery terpene” that smells like several things simultaneously. It is quite hard to place. The taste is quite floral. 

Some of the benefits of CBD flower include: 

Reduced Stress: CBD is known to relax the mind and enable a person to function as effectively as possible without the intoxicating effects of THC. It also helps that it is relatively cheap and easily available. 

Better Sleep: When the brain is relaxed and calm, you can fall asleep easily. Users have been adding the flower into their nighttime routine to counter insomnia. It is absorbed faster than other products, so you will feel the benefits faster. 

High in CBD: CBD is associated with several therapeutic benefits, and since it is the dominant ingredient in this product, you will gain all the healing benefits from using CBD flower. It also contains other cannabidiols like CBG, Delta 8, CBC, and THCV, with even more therapeutic benefits. 


Even the best product has a few drawbacks, and for flowers, here are some things you may have to contend with. 

Requires Effort to Prepare: If you choose to bake with it, you’d have to cook it first, which is an intricate process if you want to retain the terpenes on the delicate flower. You can always roll up a joint, which is easier, but the alternatives may take some effort. Vapes are easier if you can get vape juice. 

Can go Bad: Weed needs delicate handling as it can develop mold and go stale. After expiry, it loses its potency and will not feel the same as smoking some fresh buds. 

The cons associated with flowers are fewer than the benefits, and they can be countered easily, hence their popularity in the industry. 

Some Great Brands to Try

Hemp flower is easy to find since breeders do a great job of growing the required strains. You only need to check reliable sites such as https://askgrowers.com/CBD/flower for an impressive variety of products. These are some of the best CBD flower for sale online and at physical shops:  

Lifter Hemp Flower from Botany

This product bears a befitting name because it is meant for daytime use when you need to be energized and rejuvenated. It has 178 mg of CBD and just 9 mg of THC to deliver what the minds need to relax, handle the day’s stresses, and become productive. Users report citrusy aromas and earthy tones in its taste, with hints of grapes to balance a complex profile. 

White Dragon from Absolute Nature CBD

Cross Northern Lights with Afghani to birth White Dragon CBG Hemp Flower with its 4mg THC and 315 mg CBG that deliver several benefits to the body. The low levels of THC ensure a user will not feel paranoid, but the components will induce sleep and a calm best reserved for the day’s wind-up. The strain is Indica, and the aroma profile is from five terpenes while the taste is fruity and woody making, this flower a joy to light up. 

Zombie Kush CBD Flower from Botany Farms

While the name could be a little scary, this flower is quite harmless as it contains 0% THC. The high levels of CBD - 248 mg – make it the product to go to when you want to wash away the stresses of the day and wind down. The scents are exciting as you first notice pine, then sweet berries covered by the woody smell we associate weed with. This flower works best for the evenings as it has sedative effects.

Sour Space Candy from Exhale Wellness

The aromas in this flower include Citrus, Diesel, Sour, and Tropical from the various terpenes in them, so you can expect an exciting experience when you choose to light up. It contains 14.8% CBD and complies with the requirements of the 2018 Farm Bill as far as THC is concerned, so it is ideal for daytime use for chasing the blues away. 

Best Ways to Consume CBD Flower

You can consume your hemp in several ways with the same desired effects. Here are the most common methods of delivery. 


You can make edibles with your flower after decarboxylation to bring out the benefits in the buds. Decarboxylated hemp flower can be added to other products like honey, coconut oil for cooking, topical application, and baths. 


Teas have been a tradition for most people world-over for a long time, and they make an excellent option for getting in your flower in. Decarboxylation is unnecessary since you will heat the flower when making the tea, so just add the crushed product into the water as it boils. Let it steep for 5 minutes before serving. 

CBD kombucha is yet another exciting idea where you just add the flower to store-bought product and enjoy. 


One of the oldest ways of consuming cannabis is also a little controversial. Some quarters feel the effects of smoke on the lungs downplay the benefits of weed, but that hasn’t stopped diehard fans from lighting up joints. Smoking is easy as it doesn’t require as much prep as baking with weed, and the product is delivered to the bloodstream within minutes.

Whichever method you choose will deliver the effects of hemp flower into the system at an impressive speed since the product is highly bioavailable. 


Where do you buy legit CBD flower? Online shops are a dime a dozen, but you’d get more value for your money by researching which sites are known to deliver quality. Since there are several brands, the prices of flower differ depending on what you want, and as is with most things, cheap can be expensive. Typically, 1/8oz will range between $20 and $50, while an ounce will go for as much as $200. As for potency, these days, breeders can get as much as 25% CBD in a plant, so check the product’s description to get exactly what you need.