Published October 21, 2020

Starting a new online business requires much less risk than investing in a stone shop window or a downtown office. Due to the fact that the business is in the online field, you can work practically from anywhere and reach more potential customers. With a few basic skills for websites and communication, along with a little maintenance know-how, almost anyone can launch an online business and get it up and running in just a few days. Do you think you are ready to become the next big online entrepreneur?

Here are some great online business ideas to help you think in the right direction.

Start a Blog With Articles

A very simple idea, which would only last 1 hour a week. Create compelling content by finding inspirational, funny and emotional stories on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter rewriting content, adding a few details, and posting content on your own site. With a little promotion on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon and finally organic traffic, in a few months, you should attract 30K to 50K unique visits per month. 

Start An Amazon FBA Business

If you are new to this concept of online business, FBA is "Amazon's fulfilment." Amazon will display your products on their website and when a sale enters, they will do all the hard work preparing it to be shipped and delivery of your product to the customer. In essence, you use your strong distribution network and Amazon customer base.

Amazon stores fulfil your orders and also provide customer service so you don't have to. Amazon allows you to act as a major corporation, but without the headaches of being one. All you have to do is find and develop profitable products and then send them to Amazon to sell.

Build Apps

As smartphones are everywhere, the demand for new and creative applications is growing in popularity more than ever. Between Apple’s iPhone market and Google's Android, people use countless apps every day. An example of an application where there is high demand is that of slots, the casino market growing at a fast pace. These types of applications are increasingly sought after on the international market. 

To create an application you need knowledge in the field of coding, design and finding the right place to expose potential customers. If you have these 3 things, it is not in vain and you start to create applications on the international market. The market is constantly growing.

Create an e-Commerce Store

With solutions like Shopify and Woocommerce, it's never been easier to open your own online store for such a small investment, and thanks to methods like dropshipping, you don't even have to worry about things like delivery or storage. Many people have chosen to do dropshipping, being an online-only business, without too much knowledge in the field of sales.

Become a Social Media Consultant

Large corporations and business firms can easily hire a full-time staff coordinator or an appropriate agency to manage their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, but smaller businesses need to frequently manage their own social media marketing. But because they have a large number of other responsibilities, business owners are often too overwhelmed or busy to spend much time developing their social media approach.

As a social media consultant, you can effectively direct them in the right direction in terms of ideal tactics, program implementation, and posting content about your target audience. Therefore, as their business grows, so does yours.

In conclusion, these are about 5 of the online businesses that are very interesting. If you have other ideas do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section!