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If you think high-school was hard, you’re probably not aware of what studying really hard means. However, the fact that you’ve managed to become a college student means that you can do well in academia. 

But getting into college is one thing – studying there is quite another. First-year students often have productivity issues because they are yet unaccustomed to the college routine and the amount of homework they get there. Still, this problem can be solved if you pay attention to it early on. 

In order to realize your full potential and avoid unnecessary stress, you have to adopt some new habits. Learn new tricks, and find new ways to boost your productivity. Here are some of our best suggestions on what you can do to be a better student right from the start. 

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Use Homework Planners 

There’s a lot of homework at college, and your task is to do it all while leaving yourself time for other activities. So, it’s vital to plan your homework ahead in order to not leave everything for the last minute. 

There two main ways how you can do it - use a plain paper student planner or a homework planner mobile app. Both ways can do, it’s only a matter of taste. 

However, if you’re not a well-organized person by nature, it’s better to use software planners. This way, you can set notifications and be sure that you won’t simply forget to check your journal. 

For instance, you can use one of these most popular homework planner apps for students: 

  • myHomework Student Planner;
  • My Study Life; 
  • School Planner. 

Be a Diligent Student 

Every new task that you don’t yet know how to do requires much more time than something that you’re already acquainted with. So, the better you know how to do something, the faster you do it. 

Hence it’s perfectly logical to invest your time in learning how to do typical college assignments well enough to be able to do them with no hassle in the future. 

However, it can sometimes be too challenging to deal with certain assignments on your own. If you’re having problems, don’t wait till they become unmanageable – find a tutor or an online service. For example, essay writing service EssayPro is ideal if you need help with academic papers. 

Fight Procrastination 

Procrastination is basically a very bad thing. It’s not only counterproductive – it can even lead to depression if not handled properly! So, you need to quit procrastinating as soon as possible. 

Here are some common pieces of advice for students on how to deal with procrastination. 

First of all, you should:

  • Optimize your working environment and minimize distractions; 
  • Set time limits for your tasks;
  • Not let yourself overwork. 

However, if you feel like procrastination is a serious problem for you, you should learn more on the subject or even consult a specialist. 

Get Enough Sleep 

It’s impossible to be productive if you don’t get enough sleep. Of course, if you stay up late occasionally, it won’t do much harm. But sacrificing your sleep hours systematically is a serious problem. 

However, everyone has their own biorhythms, so, if you’re not an early bird, don’t try to be. Your goal is to come to classes on time, but you needn’t wake up hours earlier to do that. Try to plan your morning and evening routine in a way that’s comfortable for you. 

Divide and Conquer

No, we’re not going to talk politics here! Divide and conquer is not only a famous quotation but also an algorithm design paradigm in computer science. 

It works by breaking down a big problem into subproblems of the same or related type. The process can go on until the problems are small and manageable enough to be solved directly. 

This principle can work well outside computer science, as you can guess. You can break your big problem called “homework” into sub-problems – homework on a certain subject, and then into smaller ones – concrete assignments. 

Then, even the assignments themselves can be divided into small portions! When you see each step that’s simple and manageable, work becomes so much easier.

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Allow Yourself Some Free Time 

However hard you study, don’t forget that you have a life outside of the academic routine. Don’t try to become a perfect studying machine because nothing good will ever become out of it. 

To be productive, one needs resources, and these resources have to be regularly replenished. We need new impressions and time for relaxation to be able to work or study effectively. 

This is especially important if you’re majoring in something creative like writing, arts & design, music, etc. Creativity is important for practically every profession, so remember: you can’t think outside of the box if you’re always inside the box – your everyday routine. So, plan your schedule in such a manner that leaves you some free time for your personal growth. 

Wrapping Up 

First-year students often have productivity issues, but they can be easily solved using the right strategies. If you want to have time for recreation, entertainment, and socializing, if you’re tired of spending all of your “free” time doing homework – then our productivity tips are here to help you. Save them and use them in your everyday life!