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Tweet Guest Commentary I am privileged to have a number of

Musings Upon the Birth of a Grandchild

Tweet Guest Commentary Stephen Wall Less than 36 hours ago, my

Congress Nearing a Budget? Yes, Thanks for Nothing, but It’s Better Than the Alternative

Tweet This is the week to watch Congress. If all goes

The Absurdity of Taking on Indian Names

Tweet COMMENTARY I received a text with the above embedded photo

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tweet Thanksgiving Day is being celebrated throughout the United States today.

Filibusters Make No Sense for Indian Country

Tweet The United States Senate is a curious institution. It’s not

“Trail of Tears” Banner Goes Beyond Political Correctness

Tweet A photograph of the inappropriate bust-thru sign that read “Hey

Trails of Tears Lesson: Anti-Semitism, Gay Hatred, Native “Learning Opportunity?”

Tweet   Guest Commentary I am Native, a citizen of the

Alaska’s Busy Week: Demonstrating Its Contempt for Alaska Natives

Tweet Guest Commentary The State of Alaska had a busy week.
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