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Set Leonard Peltier Free Now

Tweet OPINION Published April 27, 2020 Often during powwows and other

Where are We Now? Tribes Balancing the Current Normal

Tweet Guest Opinion By Eric S. Trevan, Ph.D. and Jon Deacon

A Demand for a Full Investigation of the Tribal Data Breach

Tweet OPINION By Levi Rickert The breach last Friday of tribal

Helping Cherokee Small Businesses Survive

Tweet Guest Opinion Published April 20, 2020 Small businesses are the

The 1918 Flu Destroyed Rural Alaska, COVID-19 Doesn’t Have To

Tweet Guest Opinion Published April 15, 2020 As we sit outside

Finding Hope and Facing Hard Truths about COVID-19

Tweet Guest Opinion Published April 14, 2020 As we face this

COVID Relief Funds Must Go To Tribal Governments. Fairly.

Tweet Guest Opinion Published April 13, 2020 Congress passed the CARES

American Indians and Alaska Natives are Survivors and Will Get Past the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tweet Opinion Regardless of socio-economic status, religion, race or ethnicity, the

“Not I, We” – Indigenous People Confront the Dire Realities of Coronavirus Across Mother Earth

Tweet Opinion Published April 8, 2020 TOHONO O’ODHAM NATION — “We
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