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When Your President Motivates Military Graduates by Celebrating the Genocide of Native Peoples

Tweet Commentary Published May 27, 2018 On Friday President Trump gave

The Historically Accurate Abraham Lincoln

Tweet Commentary Presidents’ Day Special Published February 19, 2018 I’ve always

Trump Uses Language of Criminality to Describe Those Who Do Not support Him

Tweet COMMENTARY  Published February 6, 2018 Yesterday, at a speech in

Chief Wahoo: A Mascot for the Lie of White Supremacy

Tweet Commentary Published January 30, 2018 On Monday, the Cleveland Indians released

The Abhorrent Lie of White Supremacy

Tweet Commentary Published January 12, 2018 To be clear, President Trump’s

The Massacre at Wounded Knee and 18 Medals of Dishonor

Tweet Commentary Published December 30, 2017 On Friday December 29, I

The Hanging of the Dakota 38 and the Troubling Legacy of President Lincoln

Tweet Commentary Published December 26, 2017 In the museum located at

December Nineteenth – An Annual Reminder

Tweet Commentary Published December 21, 2017 This past Tuesday I tried

Lamenting the Lost Hope of Advent

Tweet Commentary Published December 13, 2017 Advent is the season of
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