Ways of Scoring an Access to Airport Lounges in the UAE for Travelers

Published June 25, 2019

A lot of us spend a considerable amount of time at the airport then we usually realize. Often we have to tolerate late night, early morning, and prolonged layovers (sometimes out of our control). Due to these layovers, we have ended up on recliners, rocking chairs, floors, and often twisting and turning on uncomfortable seats. However, wouldn’t it be nice to get some sleep, a shower, Wi-Fi, simple access to power ports, a delicious hot meal, and a peaceful spot for relaxing? This is the point where our mind goes towards those airport lounges in the hope that we could get access to them.

You must be wondering:

How do I get access to these elusive and comfortable airport lounges?

Here are some ways of getting access to airport lounges in the UAE.

1) Using Credit Cards for Airport Lounge Access

Obtaining credit cards with lounge access is amongst the easiest way of ensuring that you will not be stuck on concourse again. However, some of these cards charge high annual fees. 

For example, ADCB Etihad Guest Above Infinite Credit Card. For an annual fee of 2625 AED, you can get unlimited free access at over 900 premium airport lounges throughout the world. You can avail this complimentary access for yourself and an accompanying guest on every visit. This facility is available for the supplementary credit cardholder as well. You can avail this service on your airport lounge access credit card UAE through the LoungeKey program. However, you may also find credit cards with a low annual fee that provide airport lounge access. 

Caveat: Prior to applying for a credit card, go through the fine print thoroughly to ensure that traveling and spending habits make obtaining the card worthwhile.

Suitable for: Airline credit cards are suitable for big spenders who can easily bear high annual fees for more perks. These are also ideal for occasional flyers who want to pay a lesser annual fee for a limited amount of day passes for airport lounges. 



2) Buying a Day Pass for Airport Lounges


A lot of airlines sell day passes to their lounges, letting you relax in comfort without any long-term commitment. Some airlines provide one-day passes for the airport lounges. Check whether the airport lounge pass is limited to the lounges in the UAE airports or works internationally. Moreover, some airlines impose time restrictions on the lounge access, some offer access only to the passengers flying within the Emirates. Therefore, it is advised that you check before you buy. 

Suitable for: These day passes are suitable for casual travelers. 



3) Investing in a Membership for Airport Lounges


Earlier, all the business travelers as per their budget used to carry a lounge membership card along with the airline they prefer. These membership cards were often bought on the dime of their company. Membership with a particular airline is more in trend these days. If you usually fly with an airline exclusively, then you may consider purchasing its airport lounge membership. Expect comparatively high charges for an annual membership. Before you shell out, check and ensure that the destinations you travel the most to have airport lounges or not. 

Suitable for: This option is suitable for those frequent flyers who prefer a particular airline. 


4) Trying Third-Party Vendors to Gain Access to Airport Lounges


In case you are not very comfortable sticking to a single airline, then membership for airport lounges bought via a third party vendor might be more sensible. You can purchase the membership to avail access to all the airport lounges that fall under its network. You can buy the membership that suits your requirement. 

Suitable for: Apart from credit cards with lounge access and other options discussed above, this is a good option. It is most suitable for frequent flyers who go for different airlines.


5) Paying for Public Airport Lounges


There is an alternative to the airline-owned lounges. In a few airports, there are public lounges that offer you snacks, comfortable seating, small meals, Wi-Fi access, and non-alcoholic beverages. These public lounges may charge a certain fee for the same. They have been giving those legacy airline lounges a run for their money. 

Some of these public lounges may also offer drinks, meals, and showers which are crucial for those who have a long journey. Some may also offer spa and massage services at some extra charge. 

Suitable for: This option is suitable for travelers who wish for more flexibility than the airport lounges offer.


6) Go as Accompanying Guests with Friends or Family


A lot of airport lounge access credit card UAE offer the cardholder the option of taking an accompanying guest along with them without any extra charges. You can access the airport lounge across the globe or at specified airports as per the discretion of the credit card provider. This option can be availed only when traveling with a friend or family member who holds a credit card that offers free airport lounge access to them along with an accompanying guest. 

Suitable for: This option is suitable for those who do not travel alone. These people travel with the ones who have a credit card with the option of airport access lounge. 

The Closing Thought!

All of us have friends who have accessed the airport lounges and keep raving about them. The more peaceful spaces, the showers, better Wi-Fi connectivity, good food, and of course alcohol are usually the topics of discussion amongst the ones who are well-traveled. We then sit and think how did they get in when they had to pay for it? And then why have we been stressing ourselves out by sitting in the middle of a crowded food court at 5 a.m. listening to nonsensical sounds of hundreds of people? This is when we realize that even we can relax at an airport lounge using credit cards with lounge access or other options mentioned above. 

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