Logical Reasons to Relax on the Fiji Islands

Published July 11, 2018

This essay about the Fiji Islands contains some compelling ideas of why the resort is worth visiting and what things you should pay attention to.

Fiji is an archipelago consisting of 300 islands in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean. The places of interest on the Fiji Islands possess mostly the “natural” character.

And as any small and big island in the world, they feature something unusual that deserves to be observed at least once in the lifetime.

The most popular historical sights of Fiji are situated on the major islands of the archipelago. On the islands you’ll discover many picturesque attractions to take some beautiful selfies.

But this essay is not about the list of ordinary sights where tourists crowd. Principally, the Fiji Islands are the best destination for those who choose the active lifestyle.

Walking Across Coals

When I wanted to write my essay for me in college, I read that Beqa island is a part of the Fiji Islands, and since then it has been my dream.

The island residents talk about the local Savaii tribe who still follow a kind of “extreme” tradition of walking across hot coals, or the firewalk. The tribe believes that the heat one gets that way will help to cleanse one’s karma and take all problems far away.

People who had such kind of experience comment that they really felt as if they had gotten rid of some “burden” right after they had walked along the firewalk.

So, on Beqa island, you have the opportunity to check that yourself. Of course, if you make up your mind to go there.

Likuri island is known as the island of Robinson Crusoe. Here you can pretend to be a real hero of the well-known novel by Daniel Defoe.

The tourists will get extremely lucky to have a surprise: on the beach, you will meet locals in the guise of savages who will artfully growl and throw coconuts on you. In the daytime, it’s really wonderful to walk around the island, explore the magic of tropical surroundings, learn how to get food and water in extreme conditions.

In other words, for a couple of days, you’ll live the “wild” life. Additionally, you will be offered to try snorkeling and to watch the most exotic colorful fish against the background of picturesque corals.

Or you can choose the service “the cat-and-mouse fishing” and feel like a real hunter. In the evenings, after the sunset torches are lit on the coast and special entertaining shows for tourists begin.

Lavoni village is located in a crater of a sleeping volcano. It is surrounded by exotic flowers and trees. A single walk there will give a great pleasure.

While stepping along the equipped tourist trail, you will feel the spirit of Fiji. You will find the ancient cemetery of the leaders of the militant tribes and see the ruins of the fort Koro-Levu, which keeps the atmosphere of the past battles.

Paradise for Outdoor Activities Lovers

Fiji is all about the world-class surfing. Fiji is a true paradise for lovers of outdoor activities. On the archipelago you’ll find amazing opportunities for surfing and windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, and fishing.

In particular, when snorkeling in the shallow waters, you’ll admire the gardens of coral reefs and face squid, octopi, moray eels, and many other representatives of the marine life.

On the rivers of the islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, Fijian “bilibili” rafting is available. That’s dizzying rafting on bamboo trunks widely known for its uniqueness.

Be Brave to Taste “Dangerous” Food

One of the reasons to visit the Fiji Islands is to taste quite an exotic national dish with a small piece of extreme in it.

But you should be brave enough to eat that.

This delicacy is a bat soup. The main feature of the dish is that the bats are cooked entirely, intact. Plus, they are served to the table.

The bats are not only added to the soup, but also fried and then served with spicy sauce. It’s especially exotic to complement the dish with a glass of bat blood.

That sounds really awful but for those who want to get a really unforgettable experience, that’s the thing.

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