Italy’s Best Coffee Shops

Published May 16, 2018

If you’re planning to go to Italy on vacation you’re probably aware that this country has some incredible architecture, some great fashion houses, and some sublime beaches. But did you know that many of those who enjoy luxury vacations in Italy also enjoy visiting some of the country’s best coffee shops?

Italy is famous for its coffee, and everyone has to try at least one cappuccino while they’re here, but what are the best coffee shops like? And where can they be found? Read on for more information!

Canova Tandolini

Found at 150A/B Via del Babuino, Rome, Canove Tanolini is considered to be one of Italy’s very best coffee shops. This place is simply luxurious and the who building is crammed full of sculptors that were created in the 19th century by Adamo Tandolini. Considered to be a small museum, this establishment gives those worldwide coffee shops a real run for their money. If you are looking for somewhere sublime, elegant, chic, and sophisticated, this is where you need to be. The sculptors are just and they’re not few and far between, in fact, there must be hundreds of them.

If you’re hungry and you would like a bite to eat in an eatery that is really something else. Why not order something from the food menu? The food here is just as sublime as the coffee.

Osteria Ai Do Pozzi

Osteria Ai Do Pozzi is something of a hidden gem and really needs to be visited at least once.  Located at 2613, 30122 Venezia, this coffee shop/sandwich bar has some really tasty treats. Sit in the garden and enjoy a cup of the good stuff, or sip a few cocktails. Enjoy a toasted sandwich or two, and order some fried rice balls, they really are delicious! If you’re looking for somewhere informal and relaxed to enjoy coffee, Osteria Ai Do Pozzi could be the establishment for you.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something for lunch, you may want to order from the menu here as the food is very good. There’s a good number of dishes on the menu, including meals that we would consider to be traditionally Italian. Sit outside when the weather is nice, or dine indoors and enjoy the atmosphere, and the elegantly decorated surroundings. Why not finish off your meal with another cup of coffee? You know you want to!


iano can be found at 88/89 Piazza Navona, Rome, and it simply has the very best view as it’s sat right next to the Four Rivers Fountain. The coffee shop itself is a very pleasant place to be and is elegantly decorated. The coffee here is a little different to that which you may find elsewhere, this is because you can find coffees and cappuccinos with a bit of alcohol in them. This makes the drinks different, but very very nice! If you have the chance, sit outside and enjoy all that the view has to offer. Relax, unwind and sip on something delicious!

Domiziano, like many other cafés and coffee shops, is pleased to serve food, and although the portion sizes are not huge, they are sufficient. The food here is good, and the dining area has a relaxed, friendly feel. However, if all you want is a good cup of coffee, you will not be disappointed. If you get the chance to, why not sit outside? The view is lovely and will add a special touch to your time here.

Caffe Quadri

Found in St Mark’s Square in Venice, Caffe Quadri is almost exactly the same as it was when it was opened in 1638. When the original owners bought the café they decided to import coffee beans from Turkey, and they went down a real treat. Known as a Michelin one-star restaurant that has a café feel, this establishment really does need to be seen to be believed. You will have to make sure that you are dressed smartly and people should refrain from wearing shorts. Although the café is relaxed, it’s not too relaxed. The drinks here are very good, and they really will leave you wanting more! In addition to serving up some very tasty drinks, the café also serves food.


Located at 5a Piazza del Popolo, Rome, Rosati is thought to be the very best coffee bar in the whole of Rome, if not the country. Open since 1922, it is Rome’s oldest coffee shop/cafe and is proud to be just as stylish and as elegant as it was almost 100 years ago. The coffee bar offers a range of alcoholic drinks in addition to coffee, and the owners proudly select only the best ingredients to go in every drink they serve, end every meal they make. With a charming yet sophisticated atmosphere and with a food menu that’s exquisite, if you would like to dine somewhere that’s internationally known, or you simply want a little bite to eat somewhere special, you need to head to Rosati.

There are many wonderful places to enjoy a great cup of coffee, so while you’re in Italy why not visit a few of them? The beauty of these coffee shops is that many of them also tend to serve food, which means you can have a coffee, order a spot of lunch, and maybe enjoy another coffee. Enjoy Italy’s coffee culture, and have a cup of the good stuff in some of Italy’s finest establishments.

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