Life Without Movement. How Work in The Office Affects On Your Health

Published August 19, 2018

Everyone knows that sitting a lot will not make any good to our health, but only a few people really realize the problem and know the ways of fixing it. And only a few people realize sitting too much can actually make your life shorter!

The sedentary lifestyle firstly refers to those who work in an office, but also applicable for freelance workers and students. They are of course aware of the potential problems that may come their way, but to which extent? The common health issues are connected with weight gain, some back pain problems and affected eyesight. Sadly, there are many more potential risks than one could imagine. If you are an office worker, your health condition may be influenced even by the position of your mouse on the desk or whether you are bored at your work desk. This is not to mention heart diseases, cancer risks, problems with lungs, obesity, loss of muscle strength etc.

For sure, we can’t protect ourselves from all the potential dangers and eliminate all the destroying factors completely, but there are certainly lots of ways you can get things going much better.

The most common mistake many Americans (or probably any other nationalities) make is becoming a ‘gym victim’ for a weekend. Knowing that sitting for more than six hours a day is a destroying thing to do, lots of people suppose they can compensate it by hitting the gym for two days in a row, working out like a wild buffalo. Surely, any physical activity is just amazing, but can’t be a lifesaver in such situations. Movement is life, our bodies were designed for labor. No surprise those American Indian actors look so happy performing their dances in movies.

According to many specialists’ statements, the only way you can help yourself is having a regular physical activity and maintaining the right office routine. As you are exposed to numerous dangers in the office, it’s vital to be conscious of all your actions. Remember, no exercise at the weekend won’t be effective enough if you don’t do standing breaks at your desk every thirty minutes. These breaks are also a good occasion for taking your eyes off the screen. Instead of reaching your phone to read some online news in the Slate Magazine, walk around the office desk, do some stretches, go grab a glass of water – anything that will increase your blood pressure and heart rate is of gold value. Ideally, use your lunchtime to take a walk – you may take a meal with you (cooking overnight could protect you from eating fast food, decreasing possibility of gaining weight) and eat outside of the stuffy box called the office, enjoying natural sunlight, fresh air (did you know the air in offices leaves much to be desired and can cause lungs related diseases?). Another opportunity of going outside the office is to have meetings that do not require any technical support outside – take a walk in the park and discuss future projects with your partners. Could it sound better? Office desk yoga should become your true companion in fighting the sedentary lifestyle. Those simple exercises, which you can easily google and choose to your liking, will contribute to strengthening your core muscles and add to stress-relieving factors.

As we mentioned earlier, the similar lifestyle is typical of students. No wonder, considering the fact how much time they spend studying for exams, presentations, paper works you name it. Applying the same routine as the office workers do is no less vital for them. Moreover, students can find other ways of making their workload less intensive and therefore having more time for physical activities. Writing essays or term papers can take a great deal of time, so that’s great students can get term paper help online and pass their tasks on to professionals, having no doubt everything will be done in time and on the highest quality level. Isn’t it a pleasure to know you don’t have to worry about deadlines and can dedicate the time to personal health care? We are sure you like the sound of that.

Concluding everything we learned about the dangers of sedentary life, we can point out the most important aspect: the correctly established routine, awareness, and consciousness of awaiting dangers are important. Pay attention to the environment you are in – make sure you always have enough of fresh air and sunlight, do not overexpose yourself to electronic devices, take regular standing breaks, drink enough water, eat less fast food and stay as active as possible – there always ways out. Good luck with your sitting lifestyle fight!


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