How to Watch Online Movies from Anywhere in the World

Published July 25, 2019

The internet is full of websites that allow you to watch movies online for free or for a very affordable monthly fee. Unfortunately, the best sites for watching online movies are only available in the US. Such is the case of Hulu, one of the most beloved movie platforms in the US. The problem is that even US citizens can’t access Hulu or other similar websites from abroad. But don’t worry, as there are ways to bypass this problem and watch your favorite movies from anywhere in the world.

Keep on reading as we are about to reveal how to unblock Hulu and other great movie platforms with minimum effort.

Discover the best sites for watching movies online for free

If you are ready for your next movie marathon, we made a list of the best platforms where you can find a great selection of movies.

  • Hulu – While this platform is not free, it is cheaper than most cable services, and it has a great collection of movies and TV series. If you are not convinced whether it is worth paying for a Hulu subscription, you can try it for free for a month.
  • Popcorn Flix – This website is completely free; it has a great selection of movies and it is very easy to use. The only downside is that it features a fair number of commercials, but if you can overlook this small detail, this platform will surely enrich your movie nights.
  • SnagFilms – This website is very similar to Netflix, it has a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries, and it is very easy to use. Moreover, it has fewer ads than other similar websites and it works on pretty much any device. The only downside is that it doesn’t show movie subtitles.

How to watch movies from anywhere in the world

These websites use geolocation in order to only show content to people from a certain geographical location. To bypass this problem, you will have to use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN is an app which you must install on your device to hide your IP address. There are countless VPNs to choose from, and it is important to find a good one that will protect your device from malware, viruses and other technical problems that you may face due to the commercials which are usually featured on the websites that let you watch movies for free.

How to choose the right VPN

While some VPNs are so good that they work for anyone, in any location, and on any device, it pays to do your research and to make sure that you are choosing the best option for your needs. Here are the main factors that you should consider when looking for a virtual private network:

  • Speed – the point of using a virtual private network is to enjoy a movie, just like you would enjoy it on demand, without buffering and other problems caused by a slow connection.
  • Servers – If you travel regularly, opt for a VPN with servers all over the world. For a good connection, a VPN should have servers in the country where the website is hosted, but also in the country where you are currently located.
  • Privacy and security – The top-rated VPNs use the latest technologies to protect the identity of their users, but also to protect their users from malware, viruses, and other possible online dangers.
  • Price – Last but not least, a good VPN should be reasonably affordable. You can find good software for less than $10/month, and if you pay your subscription in advance, it can even cost you less than $5/month.

Top 3 VPNs

If you are unfamiliar with virtual private networks, you will have a hard time navigating the wide sea of options and choosing the best app for your needs. But don’t worry, as we already did the research for you and we made a list of the best VPNs:

  1. NordVPN – this is one of the most reliable virtual private networks of the moment. What we like about it is that it has a quick connection speed which delivers an enjoyable streaming session. Moreover, it features double encryption, guaranteed to keep your identity safe. With 1300 servers spread across 60 worldwide locations, this VPN is suitable for anybody, regardless of their location. Costing less than 12$, this VPN is very affordable and if you are not satisfied you have a 30-day money back guarantee.
  2. ExpressVPN – if you are looking for a network with cutting edge privacy methods, this is your best choice. This VPN also features unlimited bandwidth which ensures that your connection will never slow down, and you won’t experience any buffering or pixelation. This network has servers in over 140 countries, and it uses top technologies to ensure your privacy. Fees vary between $.67 and $12.98 depending on the length of your subscription.
  3. CyberGhost – This is one of the most affordable private networks. Monthly fees vary, but if you sign up for 2 years, you will only pay $2.90/month. However, it has considerably fewer servers than the previously mentioned networks. Most servers are in the US and the UK, so Users from other countries may experience slow connections and buffering. Nonetheless, CyberGhost scores some points for excellent customer service and a 60-day money back policy.

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