Zuni Middle Schoolers Win Third Place in RoboRave International Competitions

Nita Seciwa-Koons (left) and Vivianne Joe (right) won third-place.

Nita Seciwa-Koons (left) and Vivianne Joe (right) won third-place.

ALBUQUERQUE — Four students from Zuni Middle School on the Pueblo of Zuni have reason to celebrate this week after their team won third place last weekend at the RoboRave International competitions in Albuquerque, New Mexico that included more than 15,000 competitors in numerous categories.

One of their two entries placed third in the a-MAZE-ing Challenge: Middle School Division out of 125 teams from eight countries. They placed behind a team from China, which won first place and a team from Espanola, New Mexico which won second place.

Zuni Middle School Robotic Club

Zuni Middle School Robotic Club

The team members are Nita Seciwa-Koons (7th-grader), Josh Balgua (7th-grader), Adrian Chopito (7th-grader), and Vivianne Joe (6th-grader). Nita and Vivianne are the two students who place third.

The goal of the a-MAZE-ing Challenge is to run an autonomous robot from start to finish within three minutes on an elevated track that will range from 40 to 50 feet in length with various angles of turns.

Programming must control the robot to travel the length of the track and make known turns.

Zuni Middle School, part of the Zuni Public School District, is one of five public schools located on the Pueblo of Zuni in Zuni, New Mexico. The winning club sponsors are Annabelle Balgua (6-8 Special Education Teacher), Miraflor Buscaino (7/8 Science Teacher), and Evangeline Ruiz (7/8 Math Teacher).

RoboRave International began in 2001 when twenty-five high school students and three teachers came together to compete. It has grown through the years to include international teams. It’s motto is “Today’s Play, Tomorrow’s Pay.”

For more information: http://roboquerque.org/why-roborave/#sthash.8qSetu48.dpuf

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