Winslow Officer, who Killed Navajo Woman, was Investigated in 2015 Punching Incident

Winslow police departmentPublished April 30, 2016

WINSLOW, ARIZONA— KPNX, the NBC affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona, has released a story about more misconduct by Winslow Police Officer Austin Shipley while on duty. Shipley is the officer who brutally gunned down 27-year-old Navajo mother, Loreal Tsingine, on Easter Sunday.

Lt. Sepi

Lt.  Jim Sepi

According to the KPNX story, a letter from Winslow Police Lt. Jim Sepi, who investigated an incident in which Shipley ended up with a fractured hand, informed Winslow Police Chief Stephen Garnett that body camera video revealed Shipley to be the aggressor in the altercation.

“After reviewing the video, Prosecutor Osborn said if he charges [the man] then the video would be “discoverable to other parties in the course of the criminal case,” wrote Sepi. “I told [Prosecutor Osborn] it looked to me like Shipley was the aggressor. Osborn said, ‘I saw that, but I wasn’t going to say it.'”

The KPNX report continues:

“I can’t help but recall the concerns voiced by Shipley’s Field Training Officers about his eagerness to engage in fights and a shooting,” Sepi wrote. “All those concerns were dismissed and Shipley was passed on to the status of solo officer … ”

Three year police officer Austin Shipely has horrible employment record

Three year police officer Austin Shipely has horrible employment record

Last week, The Associated Press reported while Shipley was in police training, two training officers had “concerns about his work, including that he was too quick to go for his service weapon, ignored directives from superiors and falsified reports.”

Further, one day before Shpley’s training ended in September 2013, a police corporal recommended that the Winslow Police Department not retain him, according to police records obtained by the Associated Press.

Shipley remains on paid leave from the Winslow Police Department since the deadly shooting on Easter. The case is under investigation by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye has asked U.S Attorney General to have the Justice Department to conduct a federal investigation into the killing of Tsingine.


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