Whiteclay Liquor Stores to Close Sunday; May be a Temporary Shut Down

Longest Walk 5.2 protest alcohol sales to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation residents in Whiteclay, Nebraska

Published April 28, 2017

WHITECLAY, NEBRASKA – Even though a district judge on Thursday overturned a decision by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission last week to deny a renewal of the licenses of the Whiteclay beer stores, the retail outlets will close on Sunday night.

After the judge overturned the decision, the the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office filed an appeal of judge’s ruling, which served to supersede the decision by the judge until the Nebraska Court of Appeals can rule.

Whiteclay, a village with less than 10 residents, sells over four million cans of beer annually. The small village is across the state line from South Dakota into Nebraska. It is located two miles from Pine Ridge Village on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, which does not allow alcoholic beverage sales on its reservation.

On Wednesday, April 19, 2017, the Nebraska Liquor Commission voted to deny the renewals for the four retail stores in Whiteclay.

Tribal leaders have for several years tried to stop the flow of alcoholic beverages onto the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Earlier this month, the Longest Walk 5.2 protested outside one of the liquor stores in hopes to have alcohol sales banned there.

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