“When Lightning Strikes Twice” Lecture Set

When Ligntening strikes twice 1Published January 17, 2016

LOS LUCEROS, NEW MEXICO—The Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project (MPPP) is pleased to start of the Pláticas Presentations lecture series 2016 season. On Tuesday, January 26th at 6:30 pm at Historic Los Luceros, Alcalde, our lecture will be: When Lightning Strikes Twice presented by rock art expert, photographer and educator, John Pitts.

Have you ever wondered what happens when a lightning bolt strikes ground? Most people presume bolts hit trees, splitting the trunks or even incinerating the entire tree. Others see boulders shattered by strikes and believe that the magnetic force of the rock has been altered. Based on extensive research, John Pitts has discovered that these powerful bolts of electricity leave permanent marks on rocks that appear as wavy while lines. The heat of the electricity hitting hard surfaces fuses the minerals on the rock causing these while lines.

When Lightening Strikes Twice 2

How does that strike you? The early inhabitants of the Southwest were indeed keen observers of nature and had strong beliefs about the relationship of nature and human survival – Did they take note of the phenomenon? How did they interpret those lines imprinted on rocks and cliffs where they lived?

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