When is the Best Time to Book Your Summer Holiday?

Published February 1, 2019

It’s that time of year again when the only thing getting us through the winter is the idea of rewarding ourselves with an unforgettable summer holiday at the end of it. But, of course, you want to get yourself the best deal and have something booked and ready, so you can start looking forward to it now, right? There are two things to take into consideration when planning your next summer getaway: when to book and when to go. In order to make the most of your time and your money, we’ve pulled together some handy advice to help you know when is the best time to book your summer holiday.

When to book

Book last-minute?

This one confuses quite a few people. Some people want to risk leaving booking their holiday until just a few short days or weeks before their departure, in the hope of grabbing themselves a last-minute bargain. That’s all well and good if you’re happy booking whatever’s left. You may well find yourself an excellent deal in terms of costs, but the best pick of accommodation, location and flights will have already gone to early bookers.

Book in advance?

The trick is to start planning your holiday as far in advance as possible, that way you can get the best choice of all the hotels, flights and destinations. You’ll be able to fly at the time that you want to fly, from the airport that you prefer to fly from. You can stay in the best hotel that suits your needs in the country and resort that you’ve always wanted to visit.

Be smart

Planning and booking early means you can keep an eye on the overall cost as it fluctuates, until it becomes available at a price that you’re willing to pay. The best thing you can do is set up alerts on booking sites, so that you’re notified as soon as the price of flights drops to within your budget. And another trick? Carry out your booking mid-week; this is when prices are likely to be cheaper. Airlines and travel companies know that most people are looking at holidays at the weekend when they’re not working, so that’s when they bump the costs up.

When to go

With kids

If you’re travelling with kids, then you’re going to be more restricted as to when you can travel due to term times. The height of the summer is likely to be the best for you time-wise, but unfortunately that also tends to be the most expensive time to go. It’s in demand when the kids have broken up from school and, for a lot of destinations, the weather is going to be at its best then too. But look at it this way, there are positives that come out of this too. The whole resort will be up and running in peaks season, the kids’ clubs will be open for business and there’ll be plenty of other children around for your little ones to make friends with, keeping them entertained and allowing you some time to relax too.

Without kids

If you’re looking to enjoy a summer break to somewhere far and away, but won’t have any kids in tow, then peak season might not be your ideal time to travel. Holiday resorts can be really busy in July and August, which can sometimes affect your relaxation and enjoyment. May and September are great months to jet off in: the weather’s still warm and sunny, the resorts are quieter, there are fewer queues at the breakfast buffet and you’ll find a peaceful spot on the beach much more easily. Alternatively, why not consider getting some winter sun instead? Just because the weather’s cold here, doesn’t mean it is everywhere else in the world! There are plenty of destinations with alternate seasons to our own or, better still, that boast year-round sunshine.

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