What is Known about Nurse Arrested for Raping Incapacitated San Carlos Apache Woman

Nathan Sutherland did not enter a plea during his court appearance.

Published January 28, 2019

PHOENIX — A picture is now emerging into who accused rapist Nathan Sutherland is. Sutherland was arrested last week after his DNA matched that of the baby who was born to a 29-year-old San Carlos Apache woman, who has been incapacitated since she was three-years-old.

Nathan Sutherland

After Sutherland’s arrest last week, Hacienda HealthCare which operates the facility where the rape took place issued a statement that says Sutherland was fired by the company upon his arrest. He was a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) at the intermediate care facility in Phoenix since 2014.

Sutherland was charged with one count of vulnerable adult abuse and one count of sexual assault,

Sutherland appeared in court last Wednesday after his arrest with an attorney. His attorney, David Gregan said there is “direct evidence” that Sutherlan committed the alleged acts.

“I know at this point there’s DNA. But he will have a right to his own DNA expert,” Gregan said.

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He did not enter a plea during last Wednesday’s court hearing.

Five Things We Know about the Accused Rapist

  1. Employed by Hacienda HealthCare facility since 2012 — After passing an extensive background check, Sutherland was hired by the Hacienda HealthCare facility where he worked the night-shift and had direct care of the San Carlos Apache woman. The background check consisted of an extended criminal history search and a search of government registries, including sex offender registries, as well as personal references. He was also screened for drugs.
  2. Sutherland’s wife filed for a divorce — Sutherland, who reportedly has four children from a first marriage, was presented with divorce papers in early December after his second wife filed for a divorce, three weeks before the baby boy was born on December 29, 2018.
  3. Sutherland was part of a Christian rap — In 2009, Sutherland and his sister, calling themselves Sleeplessouljaz, released a Christian rap album called “Certified Fake Face.”
  4. Attended Church on Sundays — According to neighbors, Sutherland and his wife attended church most Sundays.
  5. Surrended his license to practice nursing — Sutherland surrended his nursing credentials last Friday, two days after his arrest.

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