Voters Can Oust Judge Who Gave Non-native Man a Free Pass in November Election

Published September 26, 2018

ANCHORAGE — The bad news is Justin Schneider, the non-Native man who made a no-jail deal for kidnapping a Native woman in Alaska, strangling her into unconsciousness and finally masturbating on her, will not spend a day in jail for his heinous offense.

The good news is Alaska voters in the district where Anchorage Superior Court Judge Michael Corey, the judge who accepted the no-jail plea, will get an opportunity to vote the judge out of his chambers on November 6, 2018. The judge is on the ballot within the third judicial district.

Judge Corey has been on the bench for the past four years. Judges are required to run on a regular basis. A nonpartisan Alaska Judicial Council recommended his retention earlier this year.

Since last week Wednesday, there has been outrage across the United States. Perhaps the outrage will be strong enough in Alaska’s third judicial district in the general election.

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