A View from Inside the Trap: Nearly 700 Buffalo Captured This Winter

March 3, 2017

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – Yellowstone and Montana are close to reaching their shameful goal of killing 1,300 of America’s last wild buffalo. Nearly seven hundred buffalo have been captured this winter, with close to five hundred having already been sent to slaughter. Additionally, over 400 buffalo have been shot and killed by hunters along Yellowstone’s boundaries.

Winter will also take a heavy toll on hundreds more buffalo this year, which the responsible agencies fail to consider as they kill to placate cattle industry politics and prejudice. Yellowstone blames Montana. Montana passes the buck back to Yellowstone. Both are guilty of the crimes being committed against the beloved Yellowstone herds, our National Mammal. Neither party takes responsibility for their actions, yet they are both accountable, and they both have the power to stop the slaughter that has been taking place for far too long.

Please take immediate action by contacting Yellowstone National Park at #307-344-2002 and demand that they stand up to Montana’s livestock industry and represent the sacred buffalo who should be under their protection. Please also call Montana Governor Steve Bullock #406-444-3111 to insist that he listen to the majority of Montanans, Americans, and people around the world who support wild, migratory buffalo freely roaming outside of Yellowstone National Park. Urge him to repeal MCA 81-2-120 to end livestock control over wild bison and endorse a plan that respects wild buffalo like wild elk in Montana. Do not let them pass the buck. Yellowstone and Montana both have the power to change the status quo to benefit wild buffalo.

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