Ute Indian Tribe Leaders Meet with Interior Secretary to Discuss Bear Ears National Monument Status

Ute Tribal of the Uintah Ouray leaders with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke

Published May 4, 2017

WASHINGTON — Leaders of the Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah Ouray met with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke yesterday to discuss several issues including energy development, the nature of sovereignty, public lands, and the Bears Ears National Monument

“The meeting was the first of many conversations. The secretary and the tribal leaders committed to maintaining an ongoing open and positive dialogue,” the Interior Department said in a statement released after the meeting.

Shaun Chapoose, chairman of the Ute Indian Tribe Business Committee, with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

Secretary Zinke is in the process of a 45-day review of the Bear Ears National Monument designation granted by President Barack Obama last December. Additionally, the Interior secretary is reviewing the designation of all monuments named since 1996.

Various tribes have indicated they will take legal action if the Bear Ears National Monument status is taken away. American Indians consider Bear Ears as a sacred place where ceremonies are conducted.

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