Tulsa Man in Jail after He Allegedly Set Neighbor’s House on Fire Because of His Native American Heritage

Dorian Brown is in jail for allegedly setting neighbor's house on fire "because of his Native American heritage."

Dorian Brown is in jail for allegedly setting neighbor’s house on fire “because of his Native American heritage.”

Published April 17, 2016

TULSA— Dorian Brown, a Tulsa, Oklahoma resident, is in jail after he was accused of setting his neighbor’s house on fire.

Tulsa Police discovered Brown outside his house yelling and threatening to burn his neighbor’s house on fire because of his Native American heritage.

The Native American has not been identified.

According to Tulsa police, Brown retrieved a gas can from his garage and doused gasoline on his neighbor’s house. Brown then allegedly jumped a fence and ran away back to his own yard. He continued to pour gas on the neighbor’s house and then set it on fire.

Fortunately, the Tulsa fire department was able to put the fire out.

Brown was taken into custody under arrest. He was charged with first degree arson and is still in jail with a $40,000 bond.

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