Trump Sickens American Indians with His Fondness for “Indian Killer” Andrew Jackson

Trump at “Indian Killer” grave

Published March 15, 2017

NASHVILLE – Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, played to his base on Wednesday by paying a visit to the grave of Andrew “Indian Killer” Jackson in Nashville. Trump was there to commemorate the 250th birthday of the Indian Killer.

Trump, who is viewed as the most racist president in modern history, seems to take solace in comparing himself to Andrew Jackson, the president who signed the Indian Removal Act, which led to the Trail of Tears – a walk across America for many American Indians. Thousands died during their journey after being removed from their tribal lands.

Steve Bannon, another known racist and Trump’s White House aide, compares Trump to Jackson.

Postings on social media by American Indians show how sickening they find Trump for his love of the Indian Killer president.

One post on Facebook reads:

“Another act showing indigenous Native people, and especially the Cherokee, how he has no regard for us or our history.”

Another reader writes:

“Next stop is Custer’s grave? His vindictive nature is clear in his hate for the New York tribes he attacked in the past, then Standing Rock who dared slow down his pipeline fellow investors. So, any insult is his way of showing what a jerk he can be.”


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