Trump Mockingly Apologized to Pocahontas’ Memory at Campaign Rally in Las Vegas

Senator Heller and President Trump in Las Vegas today.

Published June 23, 2018
LAS VEGAS — While campaigning Saturday in Las Vegas, President Donald Trump mockingly apologized to the memory of Pocahontas.
The president was in Las Vegas campaigning for Senator Dean Heller, who is seeking re-election in November. Trump’s mention of Pocahontas came as he referenced today’s stop at the Nevada Democratic Party’s convention by Senator Elizabeth Warren to campaign with Rep. Jacky Rosen who running on the Democratic Party’s ticket to unseat Senator Heller.
Trump frequently refers to Sen. Warren as Pocahontas because a portion of the Republican party accussed her incorrectly of using her American Indian heritage to get employee at a university.
“Wacky Jacky [Trump’s name for Rep. Rosen] is campaigning with Pocahontas, you believe this? In your state! Can you believe this?” Trump asked at the Nevada GOP convention. “When you see that, that’s not the senator you want.”
The President also mocked calls for an apology for using the term. The president’s usage of the name Pocahontas is considered a slur by most American Indians.
“To the memory of Pocahontas, I apologize,” he said.
Last November in an Oval Office ceremony planned to honor Navajo Code Talkers, Trump quipped about Senator Warren by calling her Pocahontas — to the dismay of American Indians throughout Indian Country.
Trump was in Las Vegas to campaign for Senator Heller. During the 2016 presidential election, Senator Heller was a critic of Trump’s. Last year, he opposed Trump’s bill to repeal parts of the Affordable Care Act, most commonly known as Obamacare.
Senator Warren is frequently mentioned as a possible candidate for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2020.

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