Tribe on North Dakota Voter ID Law: “This this will cause irreparable harm to the People of Standing Rock”

Tribal officials in North Dakota maintain the state’s new voter ID law that requires a physical address on ID discriminates against American Indians living on reservations where the U.S. Postal delivers only to P.O. boxes.

Published October 14, 2018

STANDING ROCK INDIAN RESERVATION — The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe issued a statement after the decision was announced that the U.S. Supreme Court will allow for the state of North Dakota to implement its new voter ID law ruling this year’s general election on November 6, 2018.

The new voter ID law requires those voting in North Dakota to provide an identification with a physical address, rather than the previously accepted P.O. Box or other address.

The tribe says “Come November, this will cause irreparable harm to the People of Standing Rock.”

“Native Americans can live on the reservation without an address. They’re living in accordance with the law and treaties, but now all of the sudden they can’t vote. There is no good reason that a P.O. Box address is not sufficient to vote,” says Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Mike Faith.

The Standing Rock Sioux maintains it is not possible to satisfy the new requirement.

“Why is it getting harder and harder for Native Americans to vote? This law clearly discriminates against Native Americans in North Dakota. Our voice should be heard and they should be heard fairly at the polls just like other Americans,” stated Chairman Faith.

The statement issued by the Tribe says “on election day, Standing Rock will be sending drivers to help bring people to the polls. If you need help obtaining a physical address on Standing Rock and updating your Tribal ID, please contact Danielle Finn, External Affairs Director, at or 701-857-8500.

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