Thousands to Join Native Nations to Rally to Stop Fracking in Sacramento on Saturday

Don't Frack CASACRAMENTO — Thousands of activists from numerous environmental organizations are going to join Native nations in Sacramento to call for a stop to hydraulic fracturing—aka fracking—in California on Saturday, March 15, 2014.

The Native nations want to send a clear message to Governor Jerry Brown that fracking cannot be allowed in a sustainable environment.

Among the tribal nations will be: Maidu, Kurok, Hoopa, Ohlone, Winnemem Wintu, Pit River, Chumash nations and others.

Chief Caleen Audrey Sisk, tribal chief and spiritual leader of the Winnemem Wintu, will deliver the keynote speech about the preservation of Mother Earth and her precious waters.

“When we accept the winter water challenge, and go down to our rivers, springs, lakes and oceans to make a heartfelt commitment [to remember the water is sacred], and challenge others to do the same, it makes the waters happy! All over California the water ways are waking up with good blessings! Now accept the challenge to take the message to the state capitol and tell the world: No FRACKING CHANCE will your BROWN WATER PLAN destroy our SACRED WATERS!” said Chief Sisk.

“We are the ancestors of the future and it is our responsibility to be the care takers of the earth, as was given to us in our original teachings by our ancestors. We must not allow the continuous devastation and degradation of our Mother Earth, commented Elder Corrina Gould (Chochenyo/Karkin Ohlone), one of the organizers of the rally.

“We must be the voices for our children and our grandchildren. Fracking must stop by any means necessary,” Gould continued.

“Fracking” is oil and gas production that blasts millions of gallons of water, combined with sand and toxic chemicals, under extremely high pressure deep into the earth to allow oil and gas extraction. Anti-Fracking efforts have been led by California Native Nations throughout the state. On February 28th, 2014 the Los Angeles City Council passed a ban on fracking within its jurisdiction.  This makes Los Angeles the first oil-producing city in California to call a halt to the practice.

Water is necessary for life and fracking pollutes it. American Indian people have been fighting against hydraulic fracking and toxic dumping for many years.

“Toxic dumping and hydraulic fracking like efforts have been happening on and around reservations for decades, causing a multitude of problems for our people; birth defects, and twisted strands of cancer. No one took notice or interest when Native people wanted this stopped, now all of a sudden when it is becoming more of threat in non-Native communities, there is alarm! And action!” stated Corine Fairbanks, director of American Indian Movement Southern California Chapter.

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