The New Mexico Indian Affairs Department Awards over $540,000 to Special Projects and Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Programs in New Mexico Tribal Communities

Published September 16, 2019

SANTA FE, N.M. – The New Mexico Indian Affairs Department (IAD) on Friday announces $297,324.00 in Special Projects funding and $249,300.00 in Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program (TCPP) funding that was awarded across several tribal communities or tribal serving organizations by the Special Project Grant Program.

During the 2019 New Mexico Legislative Session, IAD received a General Fund Appropriation to support special projects in Fiscal Year 2020 that benefit NM tribal communities. From this appropriation the department made funds available for projects that identify and address a need of tribal communities across New Mexico.

The Indian Affairs Department receives an appropriation from the Tobacco Settlement Revenue Oversight Committee for Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Programs. The committee continues to fund the department to direct tobacco cessation and prevention campaigns in tribal communities.

“IAD’s Administrative Services Division works closely with New Mexico tribal governments and tribal serving entities to ensure New Mexico’s tribal communities continue to receive the funding they need in order to provide services and programs to their community members,” said Secretary Lynn Trujillo. “We are proud to be able to fund such important projects through these funds.”

One of the projects funded is with the Keres Children’s Learning Center. “The goal of our program is to work with community elders and parents to support younger generations as they develop in the Keres language,” said Keres Children’s Learning Center Executive Director, Trisha Moquino. “The best way to do native language revitalization is through intergenerational language immersion.  This strengthens the language at all age levels and prepares our young people for lifelong bilingualism.

Below are the awarded Special Projects and a description:

New Mexico Kids Matter, Tribal Serving Organization, $33,379

Native American Children in Foster Care Project

Pueblo of Zuni, Tribal Government, $35,000

Zuni Veterans Project

Explora Science Center and Children’s Museum, Tribal Serving Organization, $49,404

Native MESA: To increase Native students’ motivation and persistence in STEM

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Tribal Serving Organization, $49,500

Professional Development for Tribal Librarians: Archival Training on Print & Digital

Keres Consulting, Inc., Tribal Serving Organization, $32,206

Youth Diabetes Prevention Program

Keres Children’s Learning Center, Tribal Serving Organization, $49,971

Building Community through an Intergenerational Model of Keres Language Fluency

Pueblo of Pojoaque, Tribal Government, $47,864

Pojoaque Youth Employment and Resilience Project

Below are the awarded Tobacco Cessation Prevention Programs and a description:

Pueblo of Acoma, Tribal Government, $15,094

Smoking Cessation & Prevention

Albuerque Area Indian Health Board, Inc., Tribal Serving Organization, $23,200

Commercial Tobacco Cessation & Prevention

Capacity Builders, Inc., Tribal Serving Organization, $27,795

Tobacco Free

Pueblo of Pojoaque, Tribal Government, $14,338

Be Tough – Don’t Puff Part II

Keres Consulting, Inc., Tribal Serving Organization, $28,979

Commercial Tobacco Outreach Program

Albuerque Indian Center, Inc., Tribal Serving Organization, $31,528

Tobacco Cessation

Mescalero Apache Tribe, Tribal Government, $40,471

Tobacco Cessation & Prevention

Native American Community Academy, Tribal Serving Organization, $25,249

Tobacco Cessation & Intervention Program Expansion

Oso Vista Ranch Project, Tribal Serving Organization, $42,646

NM Native American Community Outreach Education

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