Specialist Lori Piestewa (Hopi), First American Indian Woman to Die in Combat,  Remembered  

Lori PiestewaNative American Heritage Month

Published November 20, 2015

Lori Pietewa (1979 - 2003)

Lori Pietewa (1979 – 2003)

WASHINGTON — In recognition of Native American Heritage Month, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is remembering Specialist Lori Piestewa, who died in the line of duty in Iraq on March 23, 2003. Piestewa, who was half Hopi and half Mexican, tragically became the first Native American woman to die in combat

She has become a symbol of heroism for manyAmerican Indians and non-Natives everywhere.

Her parents have become ambassadors on her behalf, traveling the country to meet people and talk about their daughter and American Indian culture. She was posthumously given the rank of Specialist. To learn more about Specialist Lori Piestewa go to http://www.army.mil/americanindians/piestewa.html.

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