Second Annual Anti-Mascot/Logo (R-Word) Walk of Freedom at Paw Paw Wine & Harvest Festival

This van, parked earlier this summer at Lake Michigan, has been seen a varioius parts of West Michigan to bring attention to push to eliminate the R-word.

Published September 7, 2017

PAW PAW, MICHIGAN – The Michigan Coalition Against Racism in Sports & Media is hosting the Second Annual Anti-Mascot/Logo (R-Word) Walk of Freedom at the Paw Paw Wine & Harvest Festival on Saturday, September 9, 2017.

The Coalition is keeping the pressure on the Paw Paw school district to eliminate use the “R-word” for its mascot and logo. In February 2017, the the Paw Paw Schools Board of Education voted 4 – 3 to retain the R-word as part of the school system’s identity.

Sea of red shirts in Paw Paw, Michigan on January 18, 2017. Native News Online photo by Levi Rickert.

The current Paw Paw school district logo uses a figure of a Sioux chief, which is a misrepresentation of images used by the People of the Three Fires (the Ojibwe, Ottawa and Potawatomi) who lived in Michigan prior to European or American contact. The Sioux lived, and still, live in the Great Plains region of the United States.

American Indians and supporters will gather at the Paw Paw Middle School parking lot, 119 Johnson Street in Paw Paw, Michigan, at noon, Saturday, September 9, 2017, to start our Walk of Freedom to the downtown area.  

Coalition leaders are calling for “freedom from injustice, discrimination and institutional racism.

The Coalition will offer educational information/material and support for Mi Senate Bill SB487, a bill currently in the Michigan legislature, to eliminate the racist slur Redsk*n from our public school system.


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