San Carlos Apache Nation to Restrict Per Capita Payments to Tribal Citizens Arrested and Convicted of Violent Crimes

Published November 19, 2019

SAN CARLOS APACHE RESERVATION — Citing the rise of violent crimes on its reservation, the San Carlos Apache Tribe announced it will restrict per capita payments and other benefits to its tribal citizens arrested and convicted of viloent crimes.

In news release distributed last week, San Carlos Apache Chairman Terry Rambler writes:

“Violence has been on the rise on our Reservation. Apache on Apache violence is deeply troubling. Instead of joining together in unity and working together for the betterment of our Tribe, there are those among us who seek to use senseless violence to achieve what they want. Muggings, home invasions, domestic violence, gang conflicts-these are not the Apache way, these are features of non-Indian societies. These perpetrators of violence cause enormous financial and psychological burdens for victims. The Council’s wise decision to restrict per capita payments and other benefits hopefully will give someone pause before they decide to hurt another Apache; hopefully lives may be saved; and hopefully peace may be restored in our communities.






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