Salted Lands Council Announces Free Workshop for Mineral and Surface Owners

UTE tribe“Unpaid Royalties and Damaged Lands: Answering Questions”

Published October 20, 2015

BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA – The Dooley Law Office and Salted Lands Council are sponsoring a free workshop for mineral and surface owners on Nov. 20, 2015. United Tribes Technical College of Bismarck, North Dakota is hosting the event at their Environmental Science Center.

The free, day-long workshop, entitled Unpaid Royalties and Damaged Lands: Answering Royalty and Surface Owners’ Questions, aims to help mineral owners enforce proper accounting upon producers and improve your next surface and mineral leases. The workshop will help mineral and surface owners identify unpaid royalties and find remedies for land contamination.

Event sponsor and attorney Fintan Dooley said, “Many surface and mineral owners don’t fully understand their contracts, whether their royalty payments are correct or how our state’s constitution and statutes protect their property. We’re gathering a team of experts that will tell them how to protect themselves. We’ll provide practical solutions for surface estate owners whose land, water and air are endangered by contamination.”

The workshop will feature a presentation by Mary Ellen Denomy, a CPA and nationally renowned fraud prevention expert who specializes in identifying unpaid royalties and reversing excessive charges. In Colorado, Denomy collaborated with attorneys to find more than $180 million of underpaid royalties due to mineral owners. She assisted the Northern Ute Tribe and helped individuals secure unpaid royalties, and also has trained individuals how to spot and prevent fraud.

Landowners with concerns about water and land contamination caused by salt water spills and pipe line breaks may attend a session led by Bismarck attorney Fintan Dooley.

Dooley was involved in North Dakota’s leading water law case. He has worked with owners of contaminated land in North Dakota. Dooley has worked the state officials in Oklahoma and Louisiana litigator, J. Michael Veron, who won $70 million against Shell Oil and recovered $35 million. Dooley said, “Mr. Veron has agreed to appear by Skype or conference call. He will answer surface owners’ questions.” The workshop will include a panel of North Dakota landowners who have navigated the emotional and financial stresses of litigation and achieved respectable outcomes.

Panelist Daryl Peterson of Antler is currently engaged in litigation with the State of North Dakota and Petro Harvester. Donny Nelson of Keene, another panelist, speaks for a family which has contended with land contamination for more than 50 years. In 2014 , a third panelist, Greg Tank, won a North Dakota Supreme Court case, Tank V. Citation Oil and Gas proving he was underpaid and overcharged millions for participation expenses on his oil wells.

Workshop attendees will learn how to use an Excel program on their personal computer to understand corporate production reports provided by developers. The program will help individuals identify errors or deficiencies in the monthly salt water disposal well and oil and gas production reports.

Details: Nov. 20, 2015, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at United Tribes Technical College Science and Technology Center rooms 231 and 232, 3315 University Drive, Bismarck, ND 58504

Who should attend: Mineral owners, royalty owners, surface owners, science and business students interested in stewardship of new oil wealth and restoration of land and water. RSVP:

Attendees are urged to RSVP for the event. Dooley says, “We have room for 50. Attendees encouraged to schedule one-on-one meetings with Denomy through the Dooley Law Office at 701-212-1000 or to Chad Anderson at 701-354-9000. Denomy requests attendees to send their questions and documents (leases, royalty and participation reports) well in advance of the workshop to

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