Quinault Indian Nation Meets Renewable Energy Group


Representatives of Quinault Indian Nation met with representatives of Renewable Resources Group Thursday afternoon.

Published April 30, 2017

TAHOLAH, WASHINGTON – Officials of the Quinault Indian Nation and Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REG)  got together Thursday afternoon. The objective? Get to know each other better and improve communication. REG is the Iowa-based firm that in the summer of 2015 bought Imperium, one of the companies vying to bring oil to Grays Harbor County.

When REG bought Imperium the Quinault Nation hailed the purchase because REG specializes in renewable biofuels. The company began producing biofuels in 2004, and has become the leading North American producer and marketer of biomass-based diesel and biofuel.

“We felt the purchase helped put an end to the proposal to transport and store crude oil,” said Sharp.

That understanding was backed further when the Washington State Supreme Court ruled in QIN’s favor in January of this year, saying that the Ocean Resources Management Act (ORMA) applies to the proposal. That means the Department of Ecology has to apply very stringent resource-protective criteria to the proposal-criteria such as assuring there is no reasonable alternative and there are no likely long-term significant adverse impacts from the project.

The gathering consisted of background briefings, first about QIN, then REG, followed by plenty of Q and A and a tour of the REG facility.

“In addition to a history and culture briefing, the meeting became a backgrounder in biophysics and clean energy economics,” said Sharp.

 “Getting together and getting to know each other better is a great start to help Quinault learn more about REG’s plans moving forward,” said Sharp.

“We believe Grays Harbor is poised and ready to seize tremendous opportunity for growth and economic revitalization.  To achieve that collective goal, we must be unified in our efforts and advance together,” she said.

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