Pueblo Nations meet The Longest Walk 5- War on Drugs and Domestic Violence

walkersCirclePublished April 2, 2016

SAN ILDEFONSO PUEBLO – Donald Peña, a tribal council member, an advocate and survivor of drugs, insecurity, and life invited the Longest Walk 5 – War on Drugs and Domestic Violence to stay, speak and share with his community, the San Ildefonso Pueblo in New Mexico.

Peña is a behavioral health technician at Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council, Inc. ( New Moon Lodge ) and is on the tribal council at San Ildefonso Pueblo.

The Longest Walk went to a dinner at Community Center and shared prayers and food.


Donald Peña


Evelyn Naranjo

Some of the people from the new moon lodge joined Longest Walk on Thursday, March 31.

They walked from Santa Fe to Pueblo of Pojoaque, City of Gold Hotel.


Entering Cities of Gold



FidelMaxineDeondria-donnaand-lil Aleena-LeftToRight

Fidel Maxine Deondria Donna and-lil Aleena (LeftToRight)


Mary Talache


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