Pomo Spiritual Reflects on the Northern California Fires that Burned near Robinson Rancheria







Published September 20, 2015

MIDDLETON, CALIFORNIA — The Robinson Rancheria, a federal recognized tribe, located on Clear Lake in northern California sustained  damage from the fires that began last weekend.

Longtime spiritual leader, Doug Duncan, who is a tribal citizen of the Robinson Rancheria, talked with Native News Online on Thursday, as correspondent Arthur Jacobs visited the area and talked to the tribal members about the devastation left behind from the fires that destroyed the area. Here is Mr. Duncan’s account:

“This is Doug Duncan and I’m here to share a little bit about what’s going on here in Lake County, we just had parts of Middletown burn down here. We lost lot of homes; it affected quite a few of our tribal members. Fortunately they didn’t lose any homes. They were evacuated and we set them up over the tribal casino. We allowed the fire department to stay inside of our casino, we’ve given them discount rates, compared to other hotels down in Clear Lake area that had a gouged them.

I talked to the chairman, who is E.J. Crandall and mentioned to him that the Creator is going to look at what we’re doing for the people that are in need. That’s the way we’ve been raised

Brothers and sisters are hurting, even though they may not be of the same nation, they’re here to be cared for also and that’s what we’re here to do.

We are caretakers and we’re not looking for a profit or anything from our casino (during this disaster), Robinson Rancheria Bingo Casino in Nice, California. We have been getting donations, we opened it (Robinson Rancheria) up for the community, to donate to the people, (which they have been), and the items are being used by the people, and we put the call out to the people and we’ve filled some of the requests that they had.

They have a list of people staying at the Moose Lodge between Highway 20 and Highway 53. That’s their evacuation center and their main hub. People put down what they’re missing and what they need, we’ve been able to fulfill some of their needs, and we still offering it up to other people to come on over and get what they need.

We have put it up on Facebook we put it out there to the people, and they are coming, you know to get what they need, however long this takes for everything to go down. We will continue helping them, because as I said, this is our way, this is our spirit, that we care for our people right here, our Pomo Nation. People have been here all these years and we’re going to continue to be here.

So prayers and love is sent out to all the people that are out there that are displaced.”

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