Playing Indian: When Enough is Enough!

Published October 31, 2018

LAS VEGAS — A October 29 Facebook post, apparently just in time for Halloween, with a photogragh of a man wearing a cowboy hat and a woman dressed as an Indian complete with bullet wounds is making its rounds on Facebook and causing ire among American Indians.

The woman posted this on her Facebook page today:

In response to all of the negativity that not only myself but family & friends received. I would like to say that in no way was my costume done with malicious intent. I am in fact part native, Mi’kmaq to be exact. I would never deliberately disrespect anyone’s culture let alone my families. The narrative that was assumed as to who I am and what I’m doing is completely false.

Native News Online on has reached out to her to inquire about making “the narrative” accurate has not been answered at press time. Further, Native News Online asked her why she felt to the need to have the bullet wounds as part of her costume and if she has any knowledge of the missing and murdered Native women.

“This isn’t funny it isn’t cute. I consider this Hate or Peer Ignorance. To see this angers me and hurts my heart. Indigenous women in this country have one the highest murder rate and rape. To make a costume that makes fun of genocide of the indigenous people of this continent. Is wrong !!” wrote one Facebook member.

Editor’s Note: Native News Online has elected not to post the woman’s identity so that she does not receive any further fame on this post at this point. The purpose of this article is to say “Playing Indian: When Enough is Enough!”

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