Oklahoma Governor Selects American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma President & Executive Director for Minority Business Council

Published September 11, 2019

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Kevin Stitt has assembled the first-ever Governor’s Minority Business Council to help make Oklahoma a more inclusive and attractive business environment for people of all ethnicities and backgrounds.

Bailey Walker

“Part of becoming a Top Ten state is ensuring that our state welcomes and seeks input from every entrepreneur, innovator and business owner, regardless of ethnicity or background,” said Governor Kevin Stitt. “The purpose of this council is to discuss how Oklahoma can play a role in helping every person have access to opportunities for growth and job creation in a modern economy and remove barriers that are unnecessarily holding back the best talent in our state.” The first of its kind in Oklahoma, the Governor’s Minority Business Council is currently comprised of over 20 minority business leaders from across the state.

President Bailey Walker, American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma (AICCO) and Ayla Medrano, Executive Director, AICCO were selected to join the first-ever Minority Business Council of Oklahoma.

Walker, stated; “ This is true testament to the commitment of Oklahoma Governor Stitt to attract business and build Oklahoma’s minority presence of small businesses within our great state! What is good for minorities is good for Oklahoma, where we are emphasizing All Nations One Mission!”

Ayla Medrano

Medrano stated; “Governor Stitt’s Minority Business Council reflects the diversity of Oklahoma’s citizens with representation from the African American, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American communities. It is this inclusion and respect for our respective histories and cultures that will lend itself to broaden the scope of vision for economic growth in our state.”

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