Ohio School Drops American Indian Mascot

Published November 21, 2018

OXFORD, Ohio  — The Talawanda … in Oxford, Ohio voted on Monday night to drop the use of an American Indian mascot logo. Oxford is some 40 miles northwest of Cincinnati and home to Miami University.

The school board voted to change the mascot name from the Talawanda Braves to Talawanda Brave. The 3-2 vote came late in the evening after public input and discussion by the school board.

Miami University dropped its American Indian racist name of the Miami Redsk*ns to the Miami Redhawks in 1996.

American Indian groups across the country have urged schools to drop the usage of American Indian names, mascots and imgery in sports for several decades.

In Talawanda Schools, the American Indian logo appears in district communications, such as the athletic department’s Twitter account, and on a tower holding the high school’s victory bell at the football stadium.

School officias say logo changes to signage and other school items “will be phased in” with meetings on the those changes starting next month.

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